A Night in the Lonesome October. A Night in the Lonesome October. By Roger Zelazny, Illustrated by Gahan Wilson. Rediscovered Classics. FICTION. When I encountered this line for the first time, on page 2 of Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October, I cracked up. I didn’t get the line’s. A Night in the Lonesome October () is one of Roger Zelazny’s last novels, illustrated by Gahan Wilson. In an October in the late 19th century, a small .

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That means not only does the cast of characters include the watchdog Snuff, zelzany his master, Jack, a man who is particularly talented with a knife, but a llnesome of horror and mystery classics. The Things in the Mirror, Thing in the Wardrobe, the Thing in the Steamer Trunk and the Thing in the Circle downstairs are always trying to escape, but are kept under control by Snuff’s ferociousness. Like us on Facebook. I used to watch How I Met Your Mother and loved all the various challenges that Barney took on because someone in the group said there was no way he could do it.

All of this is infused with clever, wry, and sometimes dark humor and zelzzny with smart allusions that feel organic and not, as in the hands of a less skilled writer they could be, pretentious. October 1 – 31, Trivia About A Night in the Lo At first, we’re not quite sure what zzelazny happening, but the characters are interesting.

And he proceeded to tell me the story of how a number of the proper people are attracted to the zelaznny place in the proper year on a night in the lonesome October when the moon shines full on Halloween and the way may be opened for the return of the Elder Gods to Earth, and of how some of these people would assist in the opening of the way for them while others would strive to keep the way closed. But not all of it. Thanks for commenting and pointing out the line from your favorite poet.

A Night in the Lonesome October (Literature) – TV Tropes

Who are the people, what are they trying to accomplish – are they good or bad guys? Players are divided into two groups, the Openers and the Closers. I don’t feel like that was the case here. The tale is told from a dog’s POV who for some reason reminds me of following: Sep 05, Stepheny rated it liked it.


Snuff spends most of the book calculating where the gateway will appear, having to recalculate every time a player turns up dead What a fantastic read for October, especially if done one day at a time while discussing with others.

View all 16 comments. So yay and stuff! Gray and I ran after. Then thf is a crazy bloodlusty man of god, with a peculiar companion Tekela. Patterns and Allusions in The Chronicles of Amber. Though never explicitly stated, various contextual clues within the story the most obvious of which being the appearance of Sherlock Holmes or “The Great Detective” imply that it takes place during the late Victorian period.

This exact question remained during my second read as well. I’d have much more but, you know, I’m poor.

So who are they? I am not worthy. And it never loses its freshness or excitement. Not a children’s tale because of the language and content, but parts of it read like one. I just enjoyed it and the way it made me always look for the second meaning of every word and hint, making my brain feel full of champagne bubbles and kept me slightly buzzed throughout!

Although a full moon coincides with Halloween only three or z times in a century, Snuff has played the game many times jight.

A Night in the Lonesome October

I live with my master Jack outside of London now. A whole bunch of very male peopleI might add, and only one bloody shrimping woman. What I loved the most is that the narrators are the familiars, or animal companions of the human or humanlike characters.

That’s a major spoiler, so don’t look until you’ve read the book, but it makes so much sense. I enjoyed it overall. Roger Zelazny has a unique quirkiness in his narration that speaks directly to me, and A Night in the Lonesome October which I read in one breath over the wee hours of a late October night is no exception.

Despite how much I loved about the book, my enjoyment comes to a 3. Most of his novels dea Roger Zelazny made his name with a group of novellas which demonstrated just how intense an emotional charge could be generated by the stock imagery of sf; the most famous of these is A Rose for Ecclesiastes in which a poet struggles to convince dying and sterile Martians that life is worth continuing. The bestselling author of the Amber series creates a delightful and dramatic period fantasy populated by talking dogs and characters from popular legend.


Chambers incorporated the ruins of Carcosa into his book of stories The King in Yellowand in turn Lovecraft later added it to his Cthulhu mythos. View all 5 comments. Because it’s been nearly a month, I don’t have the best memory of all the plotlines. I don’t think he’s supposed to be doing that. It’s not super scary, it’s a bit.

Have you a liver, though? So in my head this is how Roger Zelazny responded when someone told him it would be impossible to make Jack the Ripper into a good guy.

A Night in the Lonesome October – Zelazny Roger

The game of saving the world from evil and destruction- who is on the right side and who is on the wrong one??? Frankenstein, Rasputin, Larry Talbot if you do not know who he is, I am not giving a spoilerand some other well-known and interesting characters gather in one place waiting for the Halloween night when they are supposed to do something. So for all your haunted reading needs, we have a classic fantasy novel laced with dark humour by Roger Zelazny: Is it any surprise he has a misshapen dwarf sidekick and an experiment man?

In this novel, Jack needs certain body parts—ingredients—for potions and tools that will help him keep the Gateway shut. Actually, the sense-world of the canine rather lends itself to Zelazny’s imagery.

Yeah, you read that right. Overall, I thought the story was good, but I would have liked it to be more fleshed out as a whole.