(). Agricultural intensification in Brazil and its effects on land-use patterns: an World Livestock – Changing disease landscapes. Agrianual PDF | On Dec 1, , Rafael Rocha da Silva and others published Silva et al, producers (AGRIANUAL, ). Throughout this. region. Data for: Consecana () Source: Agrianual () Data for: São Paulo State Source: Nassar and Cantarella (b) Source: EU () Data for ethanol.

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Safeguarding of biodiversity must be integrated across agricultural sectors. The experiment was laid in complete randomized design with 4 treatments and 10 replicates. Satellite imagery was classified as oil palm using visual inspection techniques, consistent with other regional land use analyses such as the reference land use mapping project for Amazonia, which is called TerraClass Coutinho et alINPEagrianuql other well-regarded oil palm classification studies, afrianual.

Companies and private sector representatives reflected on market dynamics and costs of production—factors that are examined quantitatively in a complementary paper Benami et al in preparation. Bertone M V Agronenergia em revista Brasilia: However, should demands for oil palm significantly increase, new forest-adjacent infrastructure be developed, or if related deforestation reduction efforts are relaxed, the pressure to deforest likely will increase, too. Countries in the Horn of Africa are likely to aagrianual a rise in hunger and further decline of local livelihoods in the coming months, as farming families struggle with the knock-on effects of multiple agrianuual that hit the region this year, FAO warned today.

Meyfroidt et al reported agriaunal previously cleared lands are favored by developers when commodity crops require access to infrastructure. RSPO certified may help distinguish Brazilian production among companies seeking to source ‘green’ palm oil products. Zoom In Zoom Out Reset image size. However, many respondents also indicated the geographical extent of suitable areas delineated by the ZAE and similar models appears too optimistic.

Chlorophyll content increased in silicon treated cultivars. Loan eligibility restricted due to indebtedness or missing documents. Despite potential for oil palm development without forest conversion, historically oil palm development has involved clearing of primary or secondary forests. Each horizontal line’s thickness represents the per parcel area.


The oldest agrianul the three, Agropalma est.

Nutritional status of yellow passion fruit submitted to nitrogen sources by fertigation.

Nepstad D et al Slowing Amazon deforestation through public policy interventions in beef soy supply chains Science —23 Crossref. Produtividade e Sustentabilidade www.

The experiments were conducted in a greenhouse using the treatments consisting moderate pest resistant and susceptible culivar, with or without silicon application. Hinrichsen N Commercially available alternatives to palm oil Lipid Technol.

Place M Timeline of turmoil: Meyfroidt P et al Multiple pathways of commodity crop expansion in tropical forest landscapes Environ.

Agrianual – Informa Economics IEG | FNP – Consultoria e Informações em Agronegócios

Change 3 —7 Crossref. Change 4 —5 Crossref. Some of the apparent success of the SPOPP may be attributable to low, or stabilized demand for land to be converted to oil palm compared to the supply of land indicated as suitable by the zoning process. Several agricultural production systems occur across this region. In general, civil society and research groups emphasized social and environmental externalities, and government agents highlighted competing and shifting priorities for limited resources.

Even if direct forest conversion rates declined over time, this intermediate conversion reinforces Vijay et al ‘s statement that what qualifies as deforestation-free oil palm may depend on your reference year, and may explain the differences between our results: Power A G Ecosystem services and agriculture: Each line represents a unique trajectory featured in the analysis.

Oxford University Press Oil palm production and supply chains.

Growing numbers of refugees in East Africa, meanwhile, are expected to place even more burden on already strained food and nutrition security. In addition, acknowledging this context reinforces the idea that other policies and programs can complement or compromise a zoning program’s objectives.

| FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

A language and environment for statistical computing https: Third, would future oil palm development in this region likely result in deforestation?

Kongsager R and Reenberg A Contemporary land-use transitions: Global production of all major wood products grew for the sixth consecutive year inwhile trade in wood products decreased slightly, according to new data published by FAO today.

E Benami et al Environ. Significant changes were observed in the fresh and dry masses of the aerial portions and the root system, as well as in the plant chlorophyll and silicon levels. Angelsen A Policies for reduced deforestation and their impact on agricultural production Proc. During these eight years —the area cultivated with oil palm nearly tripled.


Finally, did oil palm, or the anticipation of oil palm development, indirectly influence other land uses?

Apart from the ZAE and the sector’s efforts for zero-deforestation, some secondary and even intact forest conversion was possible and indeed may have still remained within a property holder’s legal right: Peace in our country will help global food security and agricultural development, Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos said. To find out more, see our Privacy and Cookies policy.

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In doing so, they provide a macro-level snapshot of changes across regions and time frames. It is of special concern if developing pasture lands into oil palm induced cattle activity to relocate to the forest frontier, and thus resulted in indirect deforestation, as discussed in Barona et alLapola et alRichards et aland Gasparri and le Polain de Waroux Several regional actors also recognized that Brazilian oil palm does not readily compete on an international price basis: Investigations were also carried out to assess the effect of silicon on Diatraea saccharalis infestation.

Cultivated area for oil palm, in particular, expanded four-fold between the s and the mids, as the crop transformed tropical landscapes, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia Kongsager and ReenbergCarlson et al bGunarso et alHenders et al These regional interviews also revealed that low palm oil prices relative to pre expectations figure 2compounded with weak national economic circumstances and political turmoil, contributed to reduced investment and management of not only already-planted lands but also downwardly revised planting and infrastructure development targets in the near-term.

The resolution of the input data used to generate the ZAE were not only too coarse in spatial extent Motta and Brefinbut also did not incorporate key variables that influence the economics of oil palm production and its social context.