View and Download Akai S service manual online. Midi stereo digital sampler. S Music Equipment pdf manual download. Akai S Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai S Service Manual. Full text of “Akai: S SERVICE MANUAL”. See other formats. OOL US MIDI STEREO DIGITAL SAMPLER SPECIFICATIONS MODEL Display Backlit

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An option endorsed by Akai is the use of 3. RF converters, tuner units, antenna selector switches, RF cables, noise blocking capacitors, noise blocking filters, etc. I had purchased earlier an Akai sHDand was just about to try it out for the first timewhen I realized that the OM is almost kilometers away from where I am!! I like S even more than SXL. How to read the Parts List. August 22, Reply. This is because the ‘linear’ level display doesn’t show the correct levels while the S is in DD record mode.

July 13, Reply. Check that replaced wires do not contact sharp edged or pointed parts.

This will reduce the need to turn up the input gain too far, because while the input preamps on the S are very good they aren’t totally transparent, and increasing the input levels will eventually introduce unwanted noise. Connect a DAT machine to the IB interface, using the co-ax or optical connectors, and begin the backup see the ‘Stick to A lot of memory is essential for this procedure, with 8Mb RAM the minimum, 16Mb recommended and 32Mb an ideal configuration. Next unzip akai os exe file, move to boot disk.

The units have 2Mb memory boards as standard but this deal also includes 2 8Mb boards.

Akai Sampler Blog: Akai S hard disk recording

However, once I reset the unit the revebs were fine. An alternative way of playing back multiple takes simultaneously is outlined below. We suggest you to stock the following Recommended Spare Part items listed below since they can cover most of the routine service. Germany [ J ]: Save it to blank floppy by executing downloaded file.


Points to look out for when buying an S second-hand are what operating system it has currently v4.


They are currently in the main S as I used it for large amounts of vocals and used the SEX mainly for drum sounds. Parts will not be supplied if they are not listed in the parts list, even if they appear on the assembling illustrations with reference No.

When it comes to vocals, a decent microphone will make more of a difference to the recorded sound than any amount of later editing or tweaking. Formatting a hard disk for use with s100 S can be very mwnual — in excess of 20 minutes for a Mb optical, though it all depends on how the disk is partitioned.

A disk partitioned for DD takes and samples takes the longest to format. EDbut remember that only one take either mono or stereo can play at once.

Now i know why, because of its unique interpolation! When comparing sound from computer programs to this beast, difference is huge! Is this know to you and do you have a cure for it? This unit sounds fantastic even by todays standards and I believe these are still used by professionals worldwide.

If possible, don’t put the mic through a mixer first, as the mixer noise level, even if low, will also add more noise to the S preamps. Adjust the signal level so that the output is dBm. The input level doesn’t need to be adjusted, as you’re recording from a digital source.

Even so, there are hidden depths to the S akzi a lot of parameters to wade through, and many people just use the basic sampling, editing and playback functions — so if you’re considering HD recording, and have access to an S, the following tips could help you achieve some rewarding results, though they should also be applicable to users of later Akai samplers with HD recording facilities.

  CP X4015WN PDF

Akai S1100 Manuals

It x1100 good fx board based on motorola dsp chip. Mangels Fachwissen kann ich nicht genau sagen ob es funktioniert oder nicht. For some reason Akai have a formatting limit of Mb, no matter what size the hard disk, so Jaz drives are out! I just got a S to compliment my S! Sampler is in good condition.

The reverb sounds too good: When replacing AC primary side components transfor- mers, power cords, noise blocking capacitors, etc. Restart computer and boot from disk, and run by typing a,ai exe file name. Sampler has latest 4.

August 31, Reply. Update 17 Dec While this method of recording may not be to everyone’s taste, we found it a pretty painless transition. Kaai you consider that the Akai S is a superbly specified industry-standard sampler with probably the largest sample base in the world and a stereo hard disk recorder, you begin to appreciate what a bargain this machine really is.

I thought my FX card was broken, as whenever I engaged any reverb it would give weird digital noise and distortion. Alternatively the disk can be divided into two or more partitions, with one partition for DD takes and one or more for samples, keygroups and programs.

December 4, Reply.