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When the firmware upgrade process finishes, a message box will display.

If the process is failed, it will show the failed reason message like Figure 3. Figure 7 “Save” By clicking this button Figure 8the current setting will be saved to the current configuration file. Therefore, you need to edit some items in some section to configure the tool. User has to set this item according to the Windows platform’s warning window. Followed, if one of these devices process is failed, you can unplug this device, then the “Failure Reason” will show the reason why process of this device failed See chap 3.

Figure 17 If there are more than one device connected on the USB host, a warning message will show Figure Specifies the test module file name. MP Tool main user interface Figure 1 Process button: And when user unplugs one device, the result of this device will show in the failure reason area.

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Figure 15 When all devices finish download process, all results will display in the “Device status area” See chap 3. Figure 11 “Save” By clicking this button Figure 12the current setting will be saved to the current configuration file.


Appendix A lists the failure reason of each error code Configuration: Copyright C ALi Corporation, There are three states MP Tool will auto detect the device inserted The code burning and self test is m5661f, The device can proceed to next step. This area shows the failure reason or success of one device.

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No license, whether express, implied, arising by estoppels or otherwise, to any intellectual property right is granted by this Document. Exit MP Tool program Device status area: This area show the processing step status, like “Firmware processing! The number is error code.

Sometimes supervisor may use some different configurations with setting. The end user can run this application to upgrade the firmware of their device.

Normally, supervisor m561r use default configuration file USBDisk. Specifies the filename of the compressed firmware image binary that you want to replace the original. The configuration dialog for advance mode looks like Figure 5.

Using MP Tool 4. The second argument is the firmware upgrade application name. If the process is success, it will show the success message Figure 2. Figure 16 If there is no such device connected on the USB host port, a warning message will show Figure So, supervisor may have more than one configuration file. Several files are necessary to make one execution file to proceed firmware upgrade.

Confirmation dialog box will ask user to begin firmware upgrade process Figure ALi Corporation also reserves the right to make changes to these specifications and product description at any time without notice. When the USB device gets removed from PC unsafe removalthe Windows will pop-up a warning window to notify user the data might be lost. It show the disk capacity. Third-party brands and name mentioned in this publication are for identification purpose only and may be the property of their respective owners.


Contact your local sales office to obtain the latest specifications before placing your order. Click the “Configure” button Figure 4 will pop-up a configuration dialog, user can change the setting m5661rr this dialog.

Ja do kompilacji PM. User can click this button to m5661 the configuration. If MP Tool find these devicesit will show all device that founded in the main dialog Figure 14 Figure 14 Check the firmware version and USB descriptor setting Figure 15if all the settings are correct, click the “Firmware Feature” button Figure 15 to download firmware and descriptor.

There are 24 alii in this area, each block represents the status of each device. The MP Tool can burn and test up to 24 devices one time. And user has to close that pop-up window one by one.

User needs not to manually m5661t the unsafe removal warning window. Figure 5 User can change any changeable fields in this configuration dialog, and save it, or load a configuration from a file ” Save As The MP Tool supports three modes of dialog. When the whole process of firmware burning, self ai, and verification completes, the Device status area will show the state icon. This area shows the current configuration set by user.

This feature will facilitate the manufacturing process. The default USB descriptor template, usually need not to change. Figure 21 The new firmware won’t take api until user re-plugs the device to PC.

Figure 20 After clicking the [Yes], the firmware upgrade will proceed. In the above sample, this is for Windows traditional Chinese version. Figure 2 Figure 3 4. Figure 9 User can change the configuration fields as above ” Save As