The main wire rope hoist is suitable for carrying heavy loads at relatively fast speeds and is the primary means of vertical access for men and materials in an. Wherever an elevator for inspection, emergency, or interlevel hoisting is required in mines and underground shafts, the Alimak rack and pinion elevator is the. Raise climbing, widely known as the Alimak mining method after the company that introduced it, is a variation on longhole stoping developed.

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Once the top of the stope has been reached, the miners descend again, alimwk the raise walls as they go. Raise climbing brings production gains to Canadian companies. There is often considerably less waste development with raise mining than with regular open stoping.

Raise climbing, widely known as the Alimak mining method after the company that introduced it, is a variation on longhole stoping developed for narrow-veined, tabular ore bodies.

These drifts are also driven from the shaft or existing development but, unless there is another lift, they often need miinng be large enough for the movement of supplies. Backfill Fill fence and piping if required.

A new canopy design has provided more room on the climber platform. Drawpoints and Climber Nest: Our longhole stopes are approximately 5, to 10, tonnes, whereas the Alimak stopes are anywhere from 20, to 30, tonnes. The Saskatoon-based gold miner had increased its year-to-date gold production by 63 per cent overthanks in part to a successful implementation of the Alimak mining method at its Seabee gold mine in Saskatchewan.


Steelmaking coal price surge reinvigorates Canadian mines Kylie Williams. With Alimak mining, it took nine months. The ore contacts can be both extrapolated from across the raise and interpolated between raises.

Teck installs first production-scale machine learning system Machine learning predicts when trucks will need maintenance at Fording River coal mine. Apimak full team of experienced Raise Miners, Supervisors and Managers, ensure your project is carried out meticulously, while meeting all budget and time constraints. The main ore access is gained by driving a raise up dip along the centre of the stope hangingwall, rather than from over and under-cuts driven along strike, as is done with regular open stoping.

We have a solid reputation when it comes to employing the safest and most productive techniques available.

Raise (mining)

Cable bolting provides better ground support from its position in the central hangingwall of the stope, and the broken ore adds support by putting outward pressure on raise walls. Proven benefits and outside financial a,imak push modular construction into the mining mainstream.

Less Dilution The production drill sits in the middle of its work, cutting the drilled length in half. This is very cost effective as the raise is centred in the stope, which ,ining the support where it is needed most.

Experience has shown that raises from 75 to metres length are the most economical.

Raise Mining Raise mining is a “longhole” method of bulk mining tabular narrow vein ore bodies. The production drill holes are oriented slightly down from along strike, which is also roughly perpendicular to that found in the regular open stoping method.


It is better if the ore body is continuous over several hundred feet vertically. This is less important in sulphides, where the driller can tell if the bit is in ore by the colour of the cuttings.

A true innovation in underground mining, the Alimak method provides the highest safety standards in mjning industry, while increasing productivity, adding greater flexibility and maneuverability, and reducing overall mining costs.

Most of the rest of the development is in ore miniing centerfold. Other improvements have focused on the climber end. The stopes can also be mined in a shrinkage fashion, with added support gained from the broken ore in place.

Faster Access to Undeveloped Ore Once the climber nests are established, ore starts to flow. Manroc has worked with major mining firms around the world, and has built a solid reputation.

Alimak Production Mining, mine engineering, Alimak Raising, Lateral Development, Narrow Vein Mining

The short drill holes make this method very effective in narrow veins. Now a typical Alimak stope is 80 or 90 metres high and mucked more often — an improvement for grade and scheduling.

The holes are most often mechanically loaded with either ANFO or an emulsion explosive. Once the climber nests are established, ore starts to flow.