Revolutionary Wealth: How It Will Be Created and How It Will Change Our Lives. Alvin Toffler, Author, Heidi Toffler, Author. Knopf $ Revolutionary Wealth has ratings and 55 reviews. Starting with the publication of their seminal bestseller, Future Shock, Alvin and Heidi Toffler hav. Alvin and Heidi Toffler celebrate technology’s gains and foresee a richer Their new book, “Revolutionary Wealth,” builds on the framework of.

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LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Interesting and thought provoking as always but not one of my notable books this year. Sometimes people get lucky and their hobby can be sold for real money. May be a bit boring to people who are not interested in economics, but will definitely appeal to those who are passionate about the subject matter. But the “developed countries” cannot survive without some other country farming their food and manufacturing their products.

Revolutionary Wealth

Psychology Economics Management Audiobooks Category: It’s clearly well documented but it didn’t found its mean point, the redaction being too. As the knowledge-based economy a reality the Tofflers predicted forty years ago continues to replace the industrial-based economy, they argue, money alvij no longer the sole determinate of wealth. In a sense, the book is a collection of news articles and new developments. So let’s forget revolutionafy it results in tortured animals and poor health.

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They live in Los Angeles, California. The book thinks its so great that scientists are going to put vitamins and vaccines into food to prevent things like vitamin a deficency and diarrehea. Very thought provoking ewalth far-reaching in it’s analysis.


Revolutionary Wealth: How It Will Be Created and How It Will Change Our Lives

It was a chore to finish; the ideas were told again and again. Specialists are learning to customize alternatives. When the Toffler’s wrote this book, we already knew that the educational system of the industrial age was failing young people.

But I guess this solution is not considered because it doesn’t make anyone any money!

It does a great job of explaining how Japan rose to the top in electronics and computer field, and why China may very well be the next economic superpower. This latest futurist forecast by the Tofflers, the husband-and-wife authors of Wdalth Shockanxiously revolutionaey hundreds of technological, economic and social developments, including globalization, revolutionzry rise of China, the decay of Europe, the decline of nuclear families, kids today, satellites, genetic engineering, alternative energy sources, frequent-flyer miles, the Internet and the rise of a new economic group, “prosumers” those who create goods and services “for [their] own use or satisfaction, rather than for sale or exchange”.

Science has become a religion, a tool of the rich to persuade the public to buy what they’re selling.

Old models of wealth from the agrarian and industrial epochs are being rapidly replaced with knowledge. The only kind of knowledge I see making people rich is the knowledge to manipulate others to believe lies. Many of the topics seemed to be discussed only at a wea,th level, leaving me kind of wanting a more thorough analysis.

Now it’s a pile of urban blight. As an avid PROsumer myself, I witness this happening every day, and I’m curious how this change will affect us all in the future. The future only looks bright for those who are already rich. China used to be filled with “extreme peasant misery”! As wealthh, their ideas about the future are exciting and innovative.


Revolutionary Wealth by Alvin Toffler

And the most terrifying example of this is the backwards system of education we saddle our children with. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Their book is loaded with bits of intelligence. That said, it was a clear-eyed analysis of the Information Age. We still teach kids and even University Students to memorize facts, instead of giving them to the tools to learn HOW to think.

And once again, they provide a penetrating, coherent way to make sense of the seemingly senseless. Nov 05, John Tabrizi rated it it was amazing Shelves: As the knowledge-based economy a reality the Tofflers predicted forty years ago continues to replace the industrial-based economy, they argue, money is no longer the sole determinate of wealth.

The assembly line factory consistency no longer thrives, and yet our schools are still training students for a past era. This is an impressive followup, where he details concepts such as the “prosumer” who is actively involved in creating wealth that transcends money.

GMO food is invented so farmers can spray more poisons on the crops. We don’t need science to solve income inequality; we just need common sense. The majority of workers are in low paid jobs that don’t require much knowledge at all.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. Jun 03, Crystal rated it really liked it. Example of this biased optimism about the future: