Amitraz intake is rarely lethal and management is symptomatic. Lack of a specific antidote and management protocols for amitraz intoxication, leave only the. Amitraz poisoning is fairly uncommon in humans and occurs via oral, dermal or inhalational routes. Only a limited number of case reports of. Other frequently occurring symptoms after massive amitraz intoxication are CNS depression, respiratory depression, miosis.

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Jacob J, Schaeffer TH. Williams and Wilkins, Drug Development Research, Volume 4 6 It poisonimg cause poisoning in animals and humans when ingested, inhaled, or after skin exposure 1.

Noradrenergic alpha 2 binding sites in vagal dorsal motor nucleus and nucleus tractus solitarius: Articles from Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research: Pupils were bilaterally constricted and sluggishly reacting to light.

Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology. Seven patients ingested amitraz with intent to commit suicide and 11 patients accidentally. Aspiration and death from amitraz-xylene poisoning.

However kalyoncu and colleagues also reported amihraz in their three cases Amitraz is a pharmaceutical, veterinary, and an agricultural product used for the treatment of generalized demodicosis in dogs and ticks and mites in cattle.

Lack of a clear and specific protocol for the therapy of amitraz intoxication may make its successfully managed case reports useful and valuable for other clinical practitioners in poisoning departments. Chemistry, biological activity, and uses of formamidine pesticides.


BUN 13Creatinine 0. Hornish and Nappier [ full citation needed ] detected that the metabolic pathway after dermal administration follows the same amirraz of degradation poisonin after oral uptake, because the parent compound, N-methyl- N’- 2,4-xylyl formamidine and form-2′,4′-xylidide were found in urine and blood also after dermal administration.

Pharmacokinetics and brain distribution of amitraz and its metabolites in rats.

None, Conflict of Interest: The effects of yohimbine and four other antagonists on amitraz-induced depression of shuttle avoidance responses in dogs. Vomiting, altered consciousness, and drowsiness were the predominant initial symptoms. Acute amitraz intoxication in human.

Amitraz, an underrecognized poison: A systematic review Dhooria S, Agarwal R – Indian J Med Res

Amitraz — Substance Summary. Feenstra Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology.

Characterization of the antinociceptive and sedative effect of amitraz in horses. In spite of a rapidly progressing and life-threatening clinical picture, amitraz intoxication in humans carries a low morbidity and mortality when appropriate supportive treatment is given.

We did not observe any changes in her ECG. Levels of blood urea, creatinine, and sodium and potassium usually do not change in this poisoning, which is piosoning with our observation.

CASE REPORT – Amitraz: An unusual poisoning – Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care

Amitraz poisoning and olfaction. Amitraz is a pharmaceutical, veterinary, and an agricultural product which is used worldwide.


Amitraz poisoning — an unusual pesticide poisoning. J Pharmacobiodyn ; These can be traced back to the mechanisms of action, which lead to a wide field of effects, including direct lethalityexcitant-repellant behavioral effects, and chemosterilization for the target species.

In animals, amitraz show signs of CNS depression or stimulation according to the dose levels. Hyperglycemia, commonly associated with amitraz poisoning, was not observed in our case, probably due to lower levels of amotraz absorption.

CASE REPORT – Amitraz: An unusual poisoning

When amitraz has been inhaled the patient should first get poisonign protection. Observation of miosis early in the intoxication followed by progression to mydriasis suggests that the presynaptic effect is dominant in the early phase and the postsynaptic effect in the late phase of the intoxication.

It also inhibits monoamine oxidase MAO enzyme activity and prostaglandin E 2 synthesis 1. Furthermore, amitraz is especially effective against insects such as spider mites and ticks in their juvenile and resistant forms. We conclude that using atropine is effective when there is only bradycardia in amitraz poisoning.