Anthony A. BARRETT, Agrippina, Mother of Nero. Londres, Batsford, 1 vol. 16 χ 24 cm, XXI p., 19 fig. Prix: 25 £. ISBN Evil and. In this study, the author uses the latest numismatic, historical and archaeological evidence to reveal the true character behind the legend of Agrippina and to. : Agrippina: Sex, Power, and Politics in the Early Empire ( ): Anthony A. Barrett: Books.

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Sex, Power, and Politics in the Early Empire. Appendix V Agrippinas Movements in Late Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Barrett Limited preview – Preview — Agrippina by Anthony A. The fact remains that any reader with an interest in the history of Roman women, or of the Roman imperial system, whether scholar or interested layman, will find this biography indispensible. Yale University Press, Ten brief appendices, finally, address problems of chronology and prosopography that are important and relevant, but that would anhony interrupted the coherence of the narrative had they been discussed in the main text.

Throughout this biography, Barrett offers a particularly lucid dissection of the stereotypical portrayal of women like Livia, Messalina and Agrippina in the writings of the barrrett historians.

The exploration of this stereotype in its broader context, however, is not the primary purpose of Barrett’s book. Only in the case of Richard III of England has such an effort ever achieved widespread popular acceptance, and the success of Riccardians remains something of a Holy Grail for historical revisionists.

Yardley is a former Professor and Head of Classics at the Universities of Calgary and Ottawa and the author of numerous books on the ancient world. At the ceremonies for the draining of the Fucine lake she publicly appeared in a splendid cloth-of-gold cloak that caught the eye of many observers, suggesting as it did her quasi-royal status.

In his preface, Barrett observes that the lives of Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder, the parents of his two most recent subjects, would merit historical monographs in their own right, raising the possibility that antthony studies may be forthcoming. Ashley rated it liked it Apr 28, Obviously the final truth about Agrippina cannot be obtained now, but so much the more does the modern reader need an analysis that comes as close to reality as possible.


In the early chapters, Barrett describes the circumstances that created the mystique of Germanicus, the heir to power who never lived to succeed, and so was loved and remembered not for what he did accomplish, but for what people imagined that he could have.

Agrippina: Sex, Power, and Politics in the Early Empire

Quite apart from the unprovable charges of incest and poisoning, Agrippina clearly adopted all means, legal and nathony, in order to achieve her ends, but if she is judged impartially by her many achievements and her extraordinary skill at establishing political links, she clearly deserves some admiration.

The negative and perverse picture of Agrippina is created by the evidence concerning her character and persons, the sources, fairly evaluated, indeed suggesting that she was a rather unpleasant individual. Levick, Claudius New Haven: Other editions – View all Agrippina: Jim Jenkins rated it really liked it May 25, Mother of Nero Anthony A. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Overall, this was helpful in understanding how anti-woman Roman culture was, to a degree that I hadn’t even fathomed before reading.

Jun 20, Jimmy Boulton rated it really liked it Shelves: She emasculates and weakens her husband; her husband is stronger because of her support. The reason to care about Agrippina or any of the other prominent Romans is because of their impact sgrippina the empire, but Barrett largely leaves that out or at very least, is directing such commentary to readers more steeped in Roman history than myself.

There is a family tree at the start of the book — it is quite confusing should have been placed in several pages, given all agrippinx overlaps among prominent families but thank heavens it is there, as I relied on that, and my memories of watching “I, Claudius” in childhood, to keep track of the people discussed. But was her behaviour so unfamiliar to politically ambitious person, of the time?


Anthony A. Barrett, Agrippina, Mother of Nero – Persée

She’s very snarky towards specific traditions, and very direct. Having said that, I was a person that was convinced that Agrippina was basically a rampant, incestuous whore anthojy kind of deserved to be offed by her son.

Historians are obliged by the nature of their craft to proceed by weighing the balance of probabilities – and good historians are those who evaluate the available evidence with skill, insight, and impartiality. Barrett makes the reader hope that such studies are forthcoming.

Lucy, fortunately unstung, was white and drawn. Barrett has made a remarkably lucid contribution to the understanding of Agrippina’ s role in Roman society. Revealing the true figure behind the propaganda and the political machinations snthony which she was capable, he assesses the impact of her marriage to the emperor Claudius, on the country and her family.

Most readers will not need to consult the remainder of the appendices, but those who have a particular interest, for example, in whether Agrippina or Drusilla was the eldest daughter of Germanicus pp. The women whose lives are most thoroughly documented, in literary sources, epigraphy, coinage and the visual arts, are precisely those whose lives were barrety completely atypical in their society.

The way she made use of the system of rotations and promotions ensured that the Praetorians remained loyal to herself and her son. Drawing on the latest archaeological, numismatic, and historical evidence, Barrett argues that Agrippina has been misjudged.