Learn more about the Brumback’s night monkey – with amazing Brumback’s night monkey photos and facts on Arkive. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym(s): Aotus lemurinus brumbacki Hershkovitz, Common Name(s): Brumback’s Night Monkey. Abstract: Karyotypic variability in Aotus suggests at least seven species in the gray-necked group (A. brumbacki, A. griseimembra, A. lemurinus, A. trivirgatus.

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Rodents of Unusual Size communitycoypudocumentaryecosystemenvironmentfilmmaker brimbacki, filmmakinginvasiveinvasive speciesrodentsUSAWetlandswildlife Monday 24 September Brumacki With – Tom Hooker: Help us share the wonders of the natural world.

Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections5: Primary rainforest Rainforest that has remained undisturbed for a long time and has reached a mature condition. This species information was authored as part of the Arkive and Universities Scheme.

The most common predators of Aotus species include owls, snakes and carnivorous mammals such as big cats. Blog Friday 05 October Wildscreen With: Brumback’s night monkey Aotus brumbacki. American bullfrog Lithobates catesbeianus.

Brumback’s night monkey – Wikipedia

Some Aotus monkeys are occasionally removed from the wild for use in malaria research due to their natural resistance, although this is thought to have little impact on population size 2.

Nocturnal Active at night. The night monkeys Aotus trivirgatus.

Habitat loss and degradation are thought to be the greatest threats to this species, due to expanding crop agriculture, logging and the increasing numbers of cattle ranches 1. Taxonomy The science of classifying organisms, grouping together animals which share common features and are thought to have a common ancestor. Please donate to Arkive Help us share the wonders of the natural world. The male often carries the offspring, only handing it over to the female to suckle.


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Glossary Carnivorous Feeding on flesh. If you are able to help please contact: A territorial species, it tends to live in small groups comprised of an adult breeding pair and their offspring 2.

Find out more More information on wildlife conservation in Colombia: Vision Research, 33 Academic Press, San Diego. American Journal of Primatology4: AfricachimpanzeeconservationfilmIn the Fieldlab chimpsLiberiaPrimatesprimatologyrehabilitationtrue storywildlifewildlife filmWildscreen Festival.

Aotus brumbacki – Brumback’s Night Monkey

Share this image — Hide sharing options. Aotus monkeys range in colour from grey-tan to brown, with paler orange fur on their stomachs, and can be divided into two groups, grey-necked and red-necked 7.

Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheroes, needs your help! Colombian night monkey Aotus lemurinus. Primate Conservation A genus tends to contain species that have characteristics in common.

Aotus species use an array of different vocal calls, including hoot calls, resonant whoops, gruff-grunts, screams, trills, moans, gulps, sneeze-grunts and squeaks 2. brumbackj

Brumback’s night monkey

Which species are aotuss the road to recovery? Journal of Human Evolution18 7: Embed this Arkive thumbnail link “portlet” by copying and pasting the code below. MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your favourite Arkive images and videos and share them with friends.


Lindsey Paretti – Blood Island.

Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Authentication This information is brumnacki authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible. These small, Neotropical primates are also unique in that they are naturally resistant to malaria-causing parasites 7 White marlin Kajikia albida.

Andean night monkey Aotus miconax. Both the male and female are of a similar size and weight 4.

This information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible. Share on Facebook Tweet Send email.

Size Male head-body length: The species in this genus have brown eyes and specialised retinas that result in poor colour vision, but provide excellent vision in low light levels, an adaptation aotud their nocturnal lifestyle 5 6. The nightly distance Aotus species will travel is affected by both the availability of food and the level of light; records reveal that individuals travel twice as far when the moon is full, as opposed to on dark nights 8.

Color Research and Application,