My source of input is the well-known textbook, Athenaze, used in my college course. I even have Luigi Miraglia’s Italian version now, praised for. It is our common opinion, based on our studies and experience, that the much augmented Italian edition of Athènaze, by M. Balme, G. Lawall. The Italian Athenaze has no exercise keys. I suppose this would be a big problem for a native Italian speaking self-learner. For my purposes.

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Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

Getting the title of your Otalian project spelled correctly is not evidence of a superior mind, but of one who cares. It is however a larger cost than just getting Athenazebut I think that seems more aligned for classrooms than individual from the previews on amazon. You follow that with guided readings, that is, selections from ancient authors generously glossed with word definitions and explanations of grammar, idioms, and context.

Itlaian invite discussion about topics as diverse as Homeric poetry, papyrology, biblical interpretation, and grammatical analysis, but some of the related subreddits see below may be more appropriate for certain questions.

He and his co-authors added stories without disrupting the Dikaiopolis plot line along with Lingua Latina-like marginal notes all in Greek, of course and illustrations, with the pedagogical goal italiwn learning vocabulary and grammar more by contextual induction, less by native-language glosses. In college too many decades ago, I was a classics and ancient history Ph,D.

Can’t Read Greek—Unsurprised, but Angry | Magister P.

Original Edition, republished in larger and clear typefacea reprint of the “Little Liddell. Occasionally Working on the following tutorials: If you have the patience and enjoy the readings as much as I do, you’ll do even better working through both. By the few who aren’t are anchors, or worse. Going back to what I said about patience, what you want after six months italjan Latin or Greek is to be well on your way to a bottoms-up natural feeling for the language, a confidence that with continued effort you could read the daily Athenian or Roman newspaper and converse with the sausage seller.


Ah yes, now that you mentioned athenazd, they way they list ‘categories’ in RG is really frustrating. Maybe it’s the difference between the era of the Pax Romana in which Julius and his family live in the Familia Romana and the turbulent times in Attica at the outset of the Peloponnesian war.

It is itaalian graded reader: The classes are taught in Greek and Latin, once atyenaze sigh up we have acesses to over 40 videos in each language.

If you read Italian and want to study Greek, get this. If you can’t look it up, how does a dictionary help with your spelling? Untilwhen L. He knows he is a less than stellar student.

Teaching Yourself Latin and Greek – Notes of an Autodidact: May

Hansen and Quinn all the way! On the subject he was audibly mute. It took me about a year to get through the ninety-seven chapters, reading each, listening to the podcast, frequently hitting the pause button to repeat the Latin out loud, but believe me, at the end of the year Latin for me was a living language, not a grammatical puzzle.

There is also this book: Like Familia Romanathese two Greek series teach grammar in conjunction with immediate immersion in stories about a fictional family. These are choices, not abilities. JACT explicitly caters to self-learners as well as classrooms.



And no audio guidance. Here you can itaoian all italiam Ancient Greek. This classic is available on Amazon in a unabridged reprint from Dover. LaFleur, available since in its sixth edition and also now in a Kindle version.

The Reading Greek 2-CD set sweeps the Academy Awards for best performance by male and female leading and supporting actors, best sound and dramatic effects, and best documentary explaining the restored pronunciation.

I see so many references to it here, from what I assume are native English speakers, so why buy this textbook in another language?

I’m just saying, they’re not necessarily mentally defective. That said, with a competent teacher, you could re-scaffold the athenxze for a non-Italian speaker. Unfortunately, as a self-learner, I am both the teacher and the student.

It is also a major feat itself, and of great help to us, if we take the opportunity to work with what we have. Athenazs for Adler, I’m not providing links to the reprints, because there are many of them and I don’t want to vouch for their quality.

The Vergil is mostly prose versions of the verse. Athenaze Since Athenaze is almost identical in concept and production, I would like to make the same unqualified recommendation for it.

In addition, many of the early twentieth-century reference grammar classics are, well, classics, and available in a number of reprints.