Jon McGinnis–Photo by August Jenneweing/UMSL Theories examines Aristotle’s and the Muslim Aristotelian Avicenna’s conceptions of time. Interpreting Avicenna: Science and Philosophy in Medieval Islam: Proceedings of the Second Conference of the Avicenna Study McGinnis (ed.). Jon McGinnis is Professor of classical and medieval philosophy at the University of Missouri, Avicenna’s Metaphysics in Contextby Robert Wisnovskymore.

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The Leaven of the Ancients: Despite Avicenna’s important place in the history of ideas, there has been no single volume that both recognizes the complete range of his intellectual activity and provides a rigorous analysis of his philosophical thinking.

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Avicenna – Hardcover – Jon McGinnis – Oxford University Press

Sign in Create an account. The study briefly outlines Aristotle’s account of mcgknnis and then considers its fate, particularly with respect to the cosmos and its motion, at the hands of later commentators. Avicenna Ibn Sina more.

The problem was that since there is nothing outside of the cosmos that could contain it, the cosmos apparently could not have a place according to Aristotle’s definition; however, if the cosmos does not have a place, then it is not clear that it could move, but it was thought to move, namely, in its daily revolution, which was viewed as a kind of natural locomotion and so required the cosmos to have a place.


Avicenna in Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy categorize this paper.

Avicenna : Jon McGinnis :

His logic, natural philosophy, and metaphysics are still mcginnus in the Islamic world as living philosophy, and many contemporary Catholic and evangelical Christian philosophers continue to encounter his ideas through Aquinas’s work.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Click here to sign up. PhilosophyTeaching Philosophyand Education Systems.

Request removal from index. Avicenna and Tusi on the Contradiction and Conversion of the Absolute.

This paper treats first how these issues were raised and addressed in the classical world — first by Aristotle and then his Greek commentators — and second how one of the immediate heirs and benefactors of the classical philosophical. Medicine and the Life Sciences ; In addition to being the philosophy department’s resident classicist and medievalist, he is also a fellow in the Center for International Studies.


His work was to have a significant impact on Thomas Aquinas, among others, who explicitly and frequently drew upon the ideas of his Muslim predecessor.

The study concludes with the Arabic Neoplatonizing Aristotelian Avicenna and kcginnis novel introduction of a new category of motion, namely, motion in the category of position.

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John Wyclif Stephen Edmund Lahey. What links our specific concept of humanness with the humanness of the individual is something neither conceptual nor concrete: Science Logic and Mathematics. Value Theory ; 9.

Academic Skip to main content. He has been interviewed by the St.

We hope to show that Avicenna can account for divine freedom and that, at least in the case of prophets and sages, job too are capable of free action. De Motu Et de Consimilibus.

Space, Dimensionality and Interpenetration in the Thought of Avicenna. Dimitri Gutas – – Brill.

The first concerns to what extent, if at all, Avicenna’s deity can be said to act freely An Annotated Bibliography on Ibn Sina: Jon Mcginnis – – Arabic Sciences and Philosophy 16 1: Skip to main content. Find it on Scholar.

Making Abstraction Less Abstract: