In the final chapter of this series, Bruce Wayne completes his improbable recovery from his broken back and is ready to resume his role as Gotham’s protector. : Batman: Knightsend (): Chuck Dixon: Books. Knightsend [BATMAN KNIGHTSEND] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After rehabilitation from a severe back injury Bruce Wayne returns.

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His questionable behavior climaxes when he encounters the serial killer Abattoirwho is keeping an innocent prisoner in a secret torture chamber: Jun 01, Collin Henderson rated it it was amazing.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Catwoman, always a favorite from the Rogues Gallery, is along for the wild ride, and she joins forces with the side of justice in order to see the rightful Batman restored to his throne.

Batman: Knightfall, Part Three: Knightsend by Doug Moench

He is such a raw character and he adds such depth to the novel. This meant it was written with a sense of immediacy; having to make an instant effect and each three-minute segment contains a major plot development or sound effect stunt and end on a cliffhanger. By leaving out those four issues, DC effectively knigntsend out the story’s epilogue: Just like all the people that die when the Joker gets back out!

During knightsebd time, he drives Robin away because he believes Gotham to be so tough that only violence could answer its criminals. I chose this book because the title and an extract from the book really hooked me and I bafman recommended this book by a friend. But in the end, Bruce defeats Jean Paul both mentally and physically and reclaims his legendary cape and cowl. This isn’t to say that Knightsend isn’t without a few missteps Once all the issues are collected, then the readers may have your permission to die.


It must have been in some issue around this arc, but it wasn’t in the collected edition. If you read it expecting to find out what happens next, you battman find that out. Why was that omitted??? The pair are probably best known for their work on Shang-Chi: However, the world’s greatest detective finds a means to even outwit her in the process.

Also, why is it when Azrael is lit on fire, does his costume completely change colors? I think it’s called KnightQuest. Sep 08, Coey rated it liked it. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

He becomes increasingly violent and mentally unbalanced. Dorling Kindersleypp. We waited and read the exquisite first volume Batman: At pages, this edition contains the entire contents of the edition of Batman: This puts Batman out of commission for much of Year Two as he heals. I guess it was worth reading for fans of Batman, if only to see firsthand what is still one of the most important moments for the character not to mention the clear inspiration for the current film.

Joe and many others. Jean-Paul Valley in an unexpected yet predictable way, as the basic story does what Keats says true art does: This volume sees batsy training and taking on jean-paul, after reading volume two you do invest a lot of time with this character just for him to be pushed aside in this volume he’s gone off the deep end, and the ending is so anti-climatic it’s really disappointing. Even better, he battles this one assassin dude in the middle of freeway traffic and on top of speeding cars, people.

I was happy that out of all the inconsistent characterisations, Bruce Wayne was the most consistent.

Batman: Knightsend

Is it heaps better than volume 2, maybe because bruce is back and his training with shiva was interesting to read, they finally gave catwoman a knighsend, she is a lil firecracker she’s awesome in this. Their investigation leads them to the Caribbean and then Great Britain.


This one was only okay, as a whole. Books by Doug Moench. That premise may seem like another stunt on DC’s part: One is when Batman finally takes the cowl back from Jean Paul Valley and the other is when DickBats goes against a villain Jean Paul knighttsend in his tenure, where he questions himself and his choices. Dec 08, Giuseppe rated it it was ok Shelves: We could have used another page or two no need for moreat least of J-P walking away into the fading darkness as Bruce returns back to the dawn.

He repeatedly redesigns his Batman costume, adding more gadgets and lethal weapons, including metal claws, a laser, razor-sharp batarangs and a flamethrower. As stated above, the absence of a lengthy conversation between the two of them at the end was a real failure on the creative staff, but such is life. Open Preview See a Problem?

While Knightfall got the entire story arc and vengeance of Bane collected, Knightsquest was the first time ever was collected though not complete. Again, I feel disappointed with the overall story having hoped for more from hearing about it being discussed passionately by comic fans.

A later flashback to this time period Showcase ’93 shows Batman pursuing Two-Face alone, being trapped and kidnapped to stand a mock trial ; he is saved only by a rescue attempt from Robin. I have to say that I think Tim Drake is the most interesting Robin.

There’s roughly pages put together, after all. Detective Comics Objectively it’s a well put together collection in order.