Astonishing The Gods [Ben Okri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a story for all ages, set in a time and place best known to lovers. to contribute a book review of one of my recent reads, Astonishing the Gods by Nigerian author, Ben Okri. I was both extremely excited and. Set on an enchanted island, Astonishing the Gods is shot through with the gentle magic of Ben Okri’s imaginative prose. Okri’s fifth novel is an.

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It is a modern fable about the relationship between love, suffering and creativity.

A man in two minds | Books | The Guardian

I am glad you are finding these opportunities and if you have a couple of spare ones throw them over my way hehe! I needed to read a Nigerian author for a challenge, and I needed a short book to complete the task in the allotted amount of time, so I choosed Ben Okri’s Astonishing the Gods.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Such a very trippy book. It was fantastic, yet crap. Tye first two novels, Flowers and Shadows and The Tge Withinare both set in Nigeria and feature as central characters two young men struggling to make sense of the disintegration and chaos happening in both their family and country.

The multiple personality is part of the mystery which, in Rosie Atsonishing words “adds to the enchantment”. To me suffering is an aspect of the great Promethean will, the thing in us gdos most makes the spirit wake up.

Those philosophical questions are something that has always haunted our race and the world changes, keeping it in grandeur which mirrors our further understandings and maturity. She regards him as “a magical man with a spiritual and poetic nature”. Now he speaks of his vagrant months with something approaching gratitude. This site uses cookies. And that pondering never stops for me on a daily basis. Fox 8 by George Saunders.


The protagonist and reader are taken on a journey of discovery and contemplation about life, how we experience it and what we really learn, or hope to learn and perhaps even how to transcend it. Indeed, he has become part of the literary establishment, a suggestion which he th with the angry assertion that he still has to persuade publishers to accept his work.

May 24, Romil Gaywala rated it really liked it. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Astonishing the Gods – The African Book Review

That is an exaggeration of reality, a transformation of reality. It’s certainly imaginative and I liked the Alice-in-Wonderland-style moments of challenging everyday concepts we hold to be true. Thanks for the link, I have likewise added The Famished Road now. But, in sharp contrast to the resentment he earlier expressed, he was anxious to make clear that he “does not mind being misunderstood”.

May 22, Kevin rated it it was ok.

It goes on and on with all this mystical stuff”. Asked about fire imagery in his novels, he replies in the language of magic and mystery. The “colonial legacy” which brought him Shakespeare, Milton and Byron was a “hugely negative thing in many ways – particularly its effect on the self-perception of the people The Rumour by Lesley Kara.

However, Okri was not his first choice for the prize, and he says the judges were equally divided between The Famished Road and William Trevor’s Reading Turgenev. You are commenting using your WordPress. She asks what you are doing in the grove. I felt like the book was so caught up in trying to create this contradictory viewpoint that the story was lost. The guides, all of them, the temptations, the losses and fires and archangel of the invisible, the prophet-king, the bridge, the long, long bouts of appreciative silences, are all regular beings in the landscapes of the Betweens.


Yes, it was beautiful but not exactly what I’d love to read through again. Een tweede leesbeurt volgt zeker! I think I will give Okri’s other novels a go first This is more of an extended short story than a novel. A collection of essays, A Way of Being Free, was published in It is a dream which thousands of people in their flight from cold winter mornings, crowded buses and grocery bills, want to share. A young, unidentified man leaves his home country on a quest, arrives at a fabulous island, meets three different enigmatic guides and undergoes a series of abstract and allegorical trials.

It is not the work they attack. As he struggles to recall the character of his other elements he breaks off to describe a lesson learned at his father’s knee.

A man in two minds

In fact my work is very hard edged. Sometimes he exhibits all the characteristics of the nervous loner. It’s there, just close enough for perfection’s despair to almost, almost reach and always, always lose again. This book requires the kind of imagination I don’t know if Astonishinb have. A thank you to you Mr.