The DARK DIVINE series. BOOK 1: THE DARK DIVINE. I stood back and watched his movements. Daniel had that way about him that could shut me down in an. Bree Despain (born ) is an American author. Despain studied creative writing at Brigham Despain is the author of the Dark Divine trilogy and the Into The Dark trilogy. Her first novel, The Dark Divine, was published in , and the . Grace and Jude Divine have always been the poster-children for kindness and understanding. Their father is a pastor, a truly good man, and.

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There are major sparks flying between Daniel and Grace. Throughout this novel I debated whether to give it 2 stars or 3. She was also prone to making daft decisions and jumping to stupid conclusions. Does this book have any inappropriate scenes or bad language in it?

I wanted her to shut up with her inner turmoil and just get on with it. What does “honor thy father and mother” really mean when said parents are keeping secrets that have hurt people? Despain tells her story in such a way that made me eager for any Grace-Daniel scenes.

There was so much going on, and a lot of factors contributing to the plot that made it really enticing, but I darm give them away without spoiling it, so I won’t! She was honest and I just found it refreshing. I have to say, eivine I read the book in a day and I couldn’t put it down.

And despzin, Daniel’s a little raw. There was even a piggy-back ride scene through the woods for crying out loud! The paranormal being in her story is very often used, but I think Despain’s version ranks among the best.

Bree Despain

Bree rediscovered her childhood love for creating stories when deapain took a semester off college to write and direct plays for at-risk, inner-city teens from Philadelphia and New York. Grace is goodness personified, as the child of a vree would be. Yet our protagonist, Grace Divine, doesn’t figure out the mystery until she is very blatantly told on page I enjoyed their relationship immensely. The plot was quick and engaging and the ending is completely satisfying, while leaving the possibility for a sequel without being a cliffhanger.


The Dark Divine Series

We have a kind of unusual triangle between a sister, Grace, who loves her brother Jude and wants dfspain be loyal to him, but is also captivated by Daniel, who used to be their neighbor and friend until Grace’s family adopted him. These are not mere shape shifters like current novels would portray, but more like the fairytale monsters we imagined them to be as children.

Grace asks herself, if Daniel’s the prodigal and Jude’s the “good son,” then doesn’t the parable infer the good son is the one in the most danger?

I was worried that her father was going to be a jerk, but he was not. Daniel comes back after three years of being gone. I’ve discovered while discussing this book, that I may have a dislike tendency for good girls as main characters.

Maybe it’s just me, because I don’t have any siblings so I don’t know what it’s like, but I don’t see how Jude’s anger and despair is justified.

I loved how there were reasons for Grace and Daniel’s love for each other, and how it wasn’t just infatuation-at-first-sight. Jude and April kiss. If April saw everything that happened at the end, she now knows Daniel’s secret, but this is not daro for some reason. I’m sorry, but after seeing it in Evermore and a whole load of other books aside from Harry Potter. I remember thinking, “yeah, definitely!


April was so like my old dog Daisy in that way. Oh no, what we get instead is a whole book about Grace reunited with a childhood friend and crush – and how they plumment into this instantaneous, vapid kind of romance which is masquerading as this beautiful, intense, deep and doomed ‘true love’.

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View all 14 comments. If I had just stayed out of things, if I had just minded my own business for all these years, would despqin be the way it used to?

I was disappoi I felt that this was a book that did not need to be a paranormal romance. It captured my heart from page one, and took me on an amazing ride of suspense, mystery, conviction, and unconditional love.

I am so thankful this was a library book and I didn’t spend any money to read it! How could I feel the way I did about Daniel otherwise? Her teachers told her she should be a writer. Daniel had that way about him that could shut me down in an instant. He paused for a moment.

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain Content Rating and Review | The Literate Mother

Yes, Daniel has a secret that turns out to be another commonly used plot twist in fantasy these days, and yes, Grace is a little slow on the uptake the word lycanthrope didn’t tip her off. Not everyone is who you except them to be.

The Dark Divine Buddy Read. Paranormal, bad boy and ordinary girl – who hasn’t seen that before? I don’t know why so many people like him. Apr 14, Annalisa rated it liked it Recommends it for: They were deep and soft and familiar. Jan 14, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: