Camelot #1 – 12 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite. When it was first published in , DC Comics’ Camelot was already notable for a number of reasons—it was the first maxi-series; the. CAMELOT · CAMELOT · CAMELOT DELUXE EDITION · CREATURE COMMANDOS · DC RETROACTIVE: BATMAN – THE ’80S #1.

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Apr 21, Arthurianmaiden rated it really liked it Shelves: Yet, none of them sounded as crazy as ‘Camelot ‘: I am not an expert on comics, yes I like to read marvel comics but by no means I am an expert of DC or in general comicbooks. 30000 art still holds up, though.

Camelot 3000 #1 – 12 (1982-1985)

He then submitted it to Marvel Comicswhere it was accepted for serialized publication in one of their black-and-white magazines, but for unknown reasons the project did not get off the ground at this point. Unfortunately the story did not match my expectations. Tris This is the series that sparked my interest in all things Arthurian way back in the early 80s.

There’s also some sensitive portrayal of transgender and transsexual issues in the pages of Camelotand considering that Marvel, as late ashad exactly one openly gay character [ Alpha Flight ‘s Jean-Paul ” Northstar ” Beaubier]—and the less said about Marvel’s handling of that business the better—that’s to DC’s credit.

Camelot 3000

Add to that the sly trope concerning the consequences of abandoning a space program presented early on, and Camelot is even better. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Tristan is reincarnated as woman and has to learn to live as woman ewpaol deal with her love of Isolde who has also been reincarnated. I’d read anything back then published by Marvel or D.


Recomendado para todo aquel que quiera leer algo divertido y tremendamente dibujado. Together once again, King Arthur, Espao Lancelot, Merlin, and the rest of the classic knights take on the invading extraterrestrials and their wicked leader, Morgan Le Fay, the half-sister of Arthur. Camelot is an American twelve-issue comic book limited series written by Mike W.

Still, espwol series did explore some topics that have now come to the fore in terms of gender; the “Tristan” part of the story was well ahead of its time.

His relationship 300 Isolde — also reincarnated as a woman — is tested by his new body. Reconstituting the round table at Lancelot’s orbital habitat, Arthur and his knights battle both the invading aliens as well as intrigues from Mordred and Morgan. Loved the idea of Camelot and Author, and with Sir Tristan reincarnated as espaoo woman, it appeals even more. To ask other readers questions about Camelotplease sign up. Partly this is because it does not have the same detail as his work in black and white does – Bryan Talbot is another good example of someone whose work I prefer in black and white because so much more goes into it.

Layout by Ross Andrupencils and inks by Brian Bolland. No trivia or quizzes yet. I was just a novice the first time not knowing much of the legend canelot I was still drawn into the story.

Trust me; it’s one of the best comics stories ever published. This forces him to espaaol his previous conceptions of gender roles and possibly his own sexuality. This is the series that sparked my interest in all things Arthurian way back in the early 80s.


I also felt that while I did enjoy it, I probably wouldn’t read it again which again affected the rating. May 15, Mark rated it it was amazing.

Camelot by Mike W. Barr

Readers didn’t expect a lot in plot. Arthur, Guinevereand Lancelot are presented more-or-less traditionally as the familiar doomed triangle of lovers; Guinevere is reincarnated as Joan Acton, an American military commander, while Lancelot is reborn as Jules Futrelle, a French industrialist and philanthropist.

And clearly DC Comics agreed, as it agreed not only to better-quality paper for the publication of the original maxi-series, but also to massive production delays brought on by Bolland’s perfectionistic approach to the art. I think if it was and I was a hormonal 12 year old and had just watched John Boorman’s Excalibur and was really getting into the Arthurian legend stuff, but also liked futuristic space adventure and illustrations of scantily clad warrior-women, then this probably would have received 4 stars.

Kay remains the mocker that he was with little exploration of what made him so endearing in the source materials. In Decemberhe and artist Brian Bolland began Camelota 12 issue limited series that was one camrlot DC Comics’ first direct market projects. Son of the Camelto with art by Jerry Binghamproceeds from which reputedly “restored DC Comics to first place in sales after fifteen years.

Gawain is reincarnated as a South African family man. This was probably the collection that cemented my admiration for the art form, camelof its ability to convey messages that art espxol text on their own just couldn’t quite manage. Barr and penciled by Cwmelot Bolland.