A Short History of Decay () is E. M. Cioran’s nihilistic and witty collection of aphoristic essays concerning the nature of civilization in mid. A Short History of Decay may refer to: A Short History of Decay, translation of Précis de décomposition by Emil Cioran · A Short History of Decay (film), A Short History of Decay. E. M. Cioran. Little, Brown and Co. () Philosophy . On the Heights of Despair.E. M. Cioran – – University of Chicago Press.

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Door de beknoptheid van de hoofdstukken – ze gaan van een halve pagina tot maximaal drie, vier pagina’s – en de veelheid aan thema’s religie, de afwezige God, de dood, het menselijk lijden, zelfmoord, de vrijheid, het auteurschap, verveling, de tijd, etc. The genesis of his melancholy is a religious nature of the sort that loathes both self and “”Life. Aug 29, Jay Green rated it it was amazing.

I ask you to consider the following passage: Nov 10, Travelin added it Shelves: They become hilarious, a joy to read.

E. M. Cioran, A Short History of Decay – PhilPapers

Not exactly a location suitable for a wide audience. Cioran – – University of Chicago Press. I honestly would not recommend reading this to anyone suffering from a serious form of depression. Sep 30, Tosh rated it it was amazing. It’s a viewpoint that feeds on false equivalencies and defeatism in order to allow its owner to reject responsibility.

Having first outgrown his passion for the female saints of the Church, Cioran then “”turned away from philosophy when it became impossible to discover in Kant any human weakness”” and emerged as an “”anti-philosopher”” with an avowed predilection for music, mysticism and poetry. To all the people who find this book evocative, powerful, resonant: I had read this book at the library, well This is a bleak, atheistic book, but it is strangely comforting and even humorous in its unembarrassed nihilism.


Some of these are collections of brief essays one or two pages, on average ; shoet are collections of aphorisms. There he wallows, waiting for his absurdly self-aware existence to run its futile course, all the while laughing at, not only us, but at himself as well.

E.M. Cioran’s A Short History Of Decay

In het hoofdstuk ‘Afscheid van de filosofie’ klinkt het radicaal uitgedrukt zo: Love lulls knowledge; wakened, knowledge kills love. Cioran has shkrt convinced by about the first paragraph that life is absurd, God wasted was a complete failure until he created Bach and totally redeemed himself, people who live in monasteries are egotistical shrot they care more about their own souls than living with the rest of us I make no claims to special wisdom or insight; I offer shkrt the benefit, if benefit there be, of my reflections.

Nope, but I’m decwy sure anyone could at one go without up Hide all firearms, sharp objects, and anything that could be twisted into a rope prior to delving into this one! To put it succinctly, he is dark as fuck. But it’s shorr through the grandness of his sentiments that Cioran undermines his own plea for universal renunciation.

Jun 30, Bill Kerwin rated it it was amazing. After spending two years in Germany, Cioran arrived in Paris in Think – Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco but flavored with full-blown nihilistic humor.

Return to Book Page. Waarom blijven schrijven in een idioom dat enkel toegankelijk is voor een miniem aantal landgenoten, eigenlijk maar een stuk of twintig? Ciorans stijl is wispelturig, niet-systematisch, idiosyncratisch. Cioran was a really amazing human being. Ik heb me van de filosofie afgekeerd op het moment dat het me niet meer lukte bij Kant een menselijke zwakheid, een waarachtig teken van droefheid te ontdekken; bij Kant niet en bij geen enkele filosoof.


Because just look at it: Of course, I did still agree with at least half of it, so that helps. Cioran confronts the place of today’s world in the context of human history—focusing on such major issues of the twentieth century as human progress, fanaticism, and science—in this nihilistic and witty collection of aphoristic essays concerning the nature of civilization in mid-twentieth-century Europe.

Little, Brown and Recay.

Homme de fragment Naar Cioran-normen is ‘Een kleine filosofie van verval’ met zijn tweehonderdzeventig pagina’s een vrij lijvig boek. Cioran’s florid prose cuts to the essence of Being, free of all metaphysical and idealistic baggage – offering a dark and disconcerting reality, perhaps, but one in which even the greatest cynic can finally find some mode of human agency.

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Yet despite it all, this book was great – beautifully written, darkly amusing in places and interesting – I didn’t agree with all, or most, that Cioran said, but I did get immersed in his world hishory perceptions.