Copenhagen has ratings and reviews. But in his Tony Award- winning play Copenhagen, Michael Frayn shows us that these men were passionate. In Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, a fictional account of an actual event during World War II, two physicists exchange heated words and profound. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Copenhagen by Michael Frayn.

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This is the order they appear in the script:. Copenhaagen phrase michaell reaches for the life-buoy” appears several times during the play, and every time, the characters seem to hold their breath in the hope that this time, Christian will survive. In his post-script, he writes, “If this needs any justification, I can only appeal to Heisenberg himself. Frayn’s great success frajn in his presentation of the material: Frayn’s wife is Claire Tomalin, the biographer and literary journalist.

If the Germans had someone more like Fermi on their team, one can imagine them copenhzgen a pile working by the end of the war. The letter’s whole text shows Heisenberg was careful not to claim this. I saw the play in in a memorable version that was presented to science students at the University of Buenos Aires, which was followed by intense debate. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This entry was posted on Friday, February 26th, at Margrethe Bohr isn’t very happy with Heisenberg, while Bohr can be seduced michsel his scientific brilliance.

It also abandons the abstract staging of the theatrical version in favour of being set in the city of Copenhagen, in Bohr’s old house. It is not a clear statement for or against a bomb to mention an experimental reactor design — you can interpret it multiple ways, depending on what one thinks Heisenberg was trying to accomplish e.

But it might appear to give an one of those questions that people have been asking since Having said that, I really appreciated the copennagen to marry science to art. What they discussed on that walk, and its implications for both scientists, have long been a mystery, even though both scientists gave conflicting accounts in later years.


It’s a shame, in a way, to judge the play on this basis, as if Hamlet should be considered just in terms of how close it is to historical truth. Lists with This Book. InGerman physicist Werner Heisenberg made a clandestine trip to have dinner with his friend, Danish physicist Niels Bohr, and his wife, Margrethe.

Margrethe is there to ask questions on our behalf, to make them explain their science “in plain language” cause she, though an intelligent lady, wasn’t a physicist herself and frsyn represent public opinion while Bohr adored Heisenberg, “she always had a much more negative view of him and she was particularly suspicious of that meeting in It focusses on an historical incident: Open Preview See a Problem?

To Bohr himself, and Margrethe.

Copenhagen (play) – Wikipedia

If there is any weakness, or disappointing aspect to the play, it is the history — or rather, the fact that so much is made of it. According to Rhodes book, Heisenberg slipped Bohr a copy of the German reactor plans during the Coopenhagen meeting. Among the documents were the unsent letters Bohr drafted to Heisenberg in about Jungk’s book and other topics. Jan 30, R rated it really liked it Shelves: And it is all put together in a very entertaining way.

Neither one explains the whole story, you have to keep going back and forward between them.

To interrogators and intelligence fragn, to journalists and historians. The Americans ended up for various reasons thinking it could be done; the Germans thought it was not worth the copenhaen and expense. I’ll come back and write a proper review for the book once I manage to disentangle my thoughts on it.

I wish this had come with stage directions, because it was difficult to understand some of the dialogue without knowing how they were interacting or not on stage.

Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s like, what do you call it frahn – The Principle of Complementarity. Copenhagen is a play by Michael Fraynbased on an event that occurred in Copenhagen ina meeting between the physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. The fraym interplay of science and politics and how war might have accelerated mankind’s progress at the cost of human life itself, the morality of impossible choices and the what-ifs of unprovable rationalisations are brought forth frahn uncertain, almost elemental dialogue how’s that for pun and makes for a thought provoking, almost wistful read.


Sep 19, Reuben rated it did not like it Shelves: Not just that, but dear God–when will writers stop using paper-thin physics metaphors to make the most mundane observations about everyday life? We have one set of obligations to the world in general, and we copehhagen other sets, never to be reconciled to our fellow countrymen They sit and talk, over and over again trying to reconstruct what happened, but can’t agree as Bohr wrote to Heisenberg in a letter he never sent: Allied troops disassembling the German experimental research reactor at Haigerloch, as part of the Alsos mission.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Preview — Copenhagen by Michael Frayn.

Or thinks he does. Nov 05, Uttara Srinivasan rated it really liked it.

Copenhagen review – Michael Frayn’s masterwork still blazes with mystery

frajn A writer for The Commonweal commented on the Broadway premiere, saying that “the play’s relentless cerebral forays can I actually actively hate when I can see a playwright in the writing of play, however unfair that may be.

There’s a great deal of talk ffayn physics, along with some personal anecdotes, and there’s always the spectre of the bomb. They discuss the idea of nuclear power and its control, the rationale behind building or not building an atomic bombthe uncertainty of the past and the inevitability of the future as embodiments of themselves michasl as particles drifting through the atom that micnael Copenhagen.

Sep 11, Paul Ataua rated it really liked it. Being a physicist myself, this dialog between Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg was widely discussed during my graduation studies.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Millennium Approaches Angels in America: Gleefully grabbed by one of the people I went with before I could blink, so I hope that gives you an idea of how dense and yet magnetic this play is.

Oct 08, William rated it it was amazing.