Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB How To Use Manual. View and Download Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB how to use manual online. Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB: User Guide. ZEN Zen Stone 1GB MP3 Player pdf. start manual online. Zen Stone plus MP3 Player pdf manual download. MP3 Player Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB How To Use Manual. Creative zen zen.

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Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB How To Use Manual

Launch Creative Media Lite. For details, contact your online music store. Why does formatting my player in Windows Vista take a long time? To install this software update, do the following: It improves the stability of your player.

Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Creative Technology Limited or one of its affiliated companies could void the user’s warranty creatice guarantee rights. If possible, back up all your player’s content on your computer before proceeding.

My player is not responding, what do I do?



In addition to shuffling music, you can also locate your favorite music tracks by skipping folders. This can be downloaded from the Creative web site, www. Deleting Files and Folders To delete files and folders in your player 1. Can I use Creative MediaSource to manage the content on my player?

For details, click the Access How-To Online button in the application.

Creative Zen Stone plus Quick Start Manual

Why are some files corrupted when they are transferred to my player? It does not support PlaysForSure and subscription content.

To skip sections within an Audible track Transfer Audible content to your player. Rest assured that once formatted, your player will perform as expected. If this does not work, proceed to Formatting Your Player. Safety Information Operation with non-certified computers stons incorrect cables may result in interference to other devices or undesired effects to the product.


For inetrukcja FAQs, visit www. Before turning on the player again, charge the player for approximately two to three hours by connecting the USB cable to an actively running computer. Note To understand your player’s playback sequence, see Playback Order.

Your player supports up to three folder levels from the root. Can I use my player as a portable data storage device?


Firmware refers to the software that resides on your player and that controls your player’s features. If your player stops responding, reset the player. Support for such products is limited insttukcja online materials, such as Knowledgebase Solutionsdrivers, application updates and product documentations available on the Creative Customer Support website.

Locate and select the music files you want. Zne print the manual completely, please, download it. To install this firmware, do the following: What happens if I forget the password? What is firmware and can my player’s firmware be updated? Make sure your computer is turned on, and not in power conservation mode while the player is charging.

Enables the conversion of unreadable tag properties of audio files in Creative Media Lite. If you encounter problems after two to three hours, try the following: Close all application windows that are currently running.

Folder Structure You can also select to set a password to lock the volume restriction level setting.