As its name suggests, Dungeons & Dragons began its life belowground, with adventurers delving deep beneath iconic castles such as. In Faerun basically the canon setting for D&D 5e The Underdark is described as was the vast network of underground caverns and tunnels. Rise of the Underdark will impact D&D RPG books, organized play, novels, a new miniatures game and even D&D Online, the free-to-play.

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This “air pocket” is the largest single chamber in the city, dominated by an unnaturally thick central stalactite that reaches almost to the floor. The Willowywalk clan numbers almost two hundred now, counting distant cousins and other coattail relations.

A history is given for each, and for some of the more complex areas, descriptions of important sites and NPCs undetdark included. It lies beneath the Orsraun Mountains, carved into a thicket of massive stalactites that dangle high above a great subterranean chasm.

Thousands of years ago, the dwarves of Gracklstugh widened many of the tunnels and built a series of locks into them, allowing all the caverns to be traversed by large, shallow-keel boats. This four-room inn caters to the occasional Material Plane surface dweller who comes to Earth’s End for business or to visit forgptten of the earth genasi inhabitants.

The wiki page says much the same thing – it’s ubderdark about depth, so that was my line of inquiry.

The skums have marshaled a crude militia to guard the miners outside the village and stand watch over the entrances to the cavern. Though the gnomes fought valiantly in partnership with the other free peoples of the Sword Coast North, underdzrk city was eventually sacked and pillaged by a horde of orcs and trolls, and the surviving gnomes departed the North in search of safer surroundings.

Vokkrzyr’s offer is widely known throughout the caverns of Old Shanatar, though no one knows of any surface elves who have taken him foegotten on it. Wire gold and other valuable ores lie in the bottom of each well, but the true prize is the mithral ore.


Vr’tark is becoming more demanding, and Hamezaar is losing patience with placating the powerful, but dumb, dracolich. This portalset naturally in a foot-diameter cave mouth, leads to an air pocket in the Elemental Plane of Earth. On the other hand it seems fairly arbitrary. These dwarves came to build the temples and defenses, and then they stayed to enjoy the safety of the fortress they had made.

Space inside a building is frequently larger than its exterior footprint, thanks to extradimensional magic. Homebrew must be tagged – Homebrew submissions should begin with the [Homebrew] tag or contain the [Homebrew] flair, and you may only post one new homebrew thread per day.

Geography of the Underdark

Barbara rated it liked it Jul 21, Within the context of a game, the Underdark is extremely dangerous, especially to non-native characters and creatures. Even the illithids of Oryndoll give the village a wide berth, fearing the consequences if one underdzrk the aboleths should eat a mind flayer. Tension between the cleric and the monitor runs high – neither likes or respects the other, and each seeks a good opportunity to bring the other down. Durgg-Gontag is not a place; it’s a band of nomadic galeb duhr.

Geography of the Underdark

Janus rated it did not like it Mar 24, Minor criminals are kept in magically silenced forcecage effects, while hardened criminals are kept below ground level via imprisonment spells.

Wherever they are is where Durgg-Gontag is, and when they stop moving, Durgg-Gontag does also. The major domains include the following. These hamlets and villages rarely contain anything of value, although the fungus folk tend to store spoiled corpses of various inderdark that they consume, on the off chance that their food may have had something of value on it before it died.

From the quaggoth warrens, spiral staircases wind down feet to the main illithid ring cavern complex below where the mind flayers live, eat, and plot. What about a Mountain sticking up from a glacier – Arctic or Mountain?

These creatures still lurk in the ancient dwarven tunnels, and occasionally more beholders come looking for them. Sondarr is also home to several villages of svirfneblin, who have settled the area in the long centuries realks the dwarf kingdom fell.


Few people go there, and there’s not much for a casual visitor to see.

Countless orc-holds, troll-caves, and giant-delvings also lie buried beneath the Spine of the World to the North. Most citizens of the underdark speak undercommon, their own version of common. Interestingly, cloakers also gain status among their own kind by keeping pets such as darkmantles and lurkers. It occupies the area beneath the High Forest, beginning at a depth of 1 mile under the surface and ending at a depth of 3 miles.

But if the trees remained really sparse, it doesn’t matter for how far, you’re not in. A number of kuo-toas run a ferry service around the Darklake, primarily between Gracklstugh and ports near Menzoberranzan. He does not outwardly manifest his claim by planting flags or bellowing his kingship; he simply expects to be obeyed relms a much larger area than he directly controls.

Very little is known about this domain, and since it lies beneath the Unapproachable East, few western folk ever even learn of ts existence. A few mind flayer outposts are scattered throughout this level as well. In desperation, the ulitharid Thalynsar formulated a plan to preserve the powers and memories of the elder brain through undeath.

With considerable digging and dam building, they redirected its waters to flood several underground caverns in the south end of the warren, creating a vast reservoir of clean drinking water. In most places the surrounding earth is composed of rock, but near the surface, tunnels can be hewn out of tightly packed dirt, allowing creatures with burrow speeds that can’t cut through ubderdark to blaze their own trails in a pinch.

Where one ecosystem starts and another ends isn’t well defined in the real world, let alone in Faerun.

Few halflings have any great love of the lightless depths. Any adult stone giant is a competent fighter, and many of Cairnheim’s giants also have levels fealms barbarian, fighter, or warrior. My problem is this.