De excidio et conquestu Britanniae: Gildas: His De excidio et conquestu Britanniae (“The Overthrow and Conquest of Britain”), one of the few sources for the. Gildas. De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae,. Miguel Pablo Sancho Gómez. Uploaded by. M. Sancho Gómez. Medieval Sourcebook: Gildas (c): Works. Gildas (cc) was a Brythonic-speaking churchman, possibly from southern Scotland, who wrote De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae.

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Meanwhile, God being willing to purify his family who were infected by so deep a stain of woe, and at the hearing only of their calamities to amend them; a vague rumour suddenly as if on wings reaches the ears of all, that their inveterate foes were rapidly approaching to destroy the whole country, and to take possession of it, as of old, from one end to the other. Online Database and e-Resources for Celtic Studies.


It was during this time according to Welsh scholars he is said to have preached to Nonnita, the mother of St. Who so of his blood shall die in the city, the dogs shall eat him, and the dead carcass of him that dieth in the field shall the fowls of the air eat.

During these truces, the wounds of the distressed people are healed, but another sore, still more venomous, broke out. What shall I mention of Isaiah, the first and chief of the prophets, who beginneth his prophecy, or rather vision, in this way: This entry was posted in Uncategorized. But in the meanwhile, an opportunity happening, when these most cruel robbers were returned home, the poor remnants of our nation to whom flocked from divers places round about our miserable countrymen as fast as bees to their hives, for fear of an ensuing stormbeing strengthened by God, calling upon him with all their hearts, as the britanniaf says,- “With their unnumbered vows they burden heaven,” that they might not be brought to utter destruction, took arms under the conduct of Ambrosius Aurelianus, a modest man, who of all the Roman nation was then alone in the confusion of this troubled period by chance left alive.

What happened to David for numbering his people, when the britanmiae had spake unto him in this sort? Wherefore after our accustomed manner, taking refuge in the mercy of our Lord, and in the sentences of his holy prophets, that they on our behalf may now level the darts of their oracles at imperfect pastors as before at tyrantsso that thereby they may receive compunction and be amended, let us see what manner of threats our Lord doth by his prophets utter against slothful and dishonest priests, and such as do not, both by examples excidi words, rightly instruct the people.

But let us pass over to the rest: What palpable darkness must have enveloped their minds-darkness desperate and cruel! Our Lord will come unto judgment with the elders of the people and her princes. Behold the word of our Lord brtanniae uttered unto them for their reproach, and they receive it not: But the just shall live forever, and with God remaineth their reward, and their cogitation is with the Highest.

Constantine of Damnonia Devon? Brigadda Bridget of Kildare died asked Gildas for a token, to which he created a bell excdiio sent this to her. Which of them, inflamed with the admirable zeal of God, hath courageously risen to punish fornication, curing without delay conqustu the present medicine of penance, the affection of filthy lust, lest the fire of the wrath of God should otherwise consume the people, as Phineas the priest did, that by these means justice for ever might be reputed unto him?


Log In Sign Up. Cymmrodorion Record Series, No. They had a prophecy which they believed fervently that they would occupy the country to which the bows of their ships were turned for three hundred years, and that they would devastate it for one hundred and conquest. Why cost thou, in place of enemies, desperately stab thyself with shine own sword, with shine own javelin?

And our Lord said unto him, Because thou hast thus behaved thyself, and not observed my covenant and precepts, which I have commanded thee, breaking it asunder; I will divide thy kingdom, and give the same unto conquwstu servant. And how do ye fulfil that which followeth: And the moon shall blush, and the sun be confounded, when our Lord of hosts shall reign in Mount Sion and in Jerusalem, and be glorified in the sight of his seniors.

Art not thou as the former if not far more foul to thy utter destruction, swallowed up in the filthiness of horrible murders, fornications, and adulteries, as by an overwhelming flood of the sea? Because whoever honoureth me I will honour him again; and whoso maketh no account of me shall be brought to nothing.

What one is so accounted a safe public and conspicuous refuge, to all the children universally of the church, that he may be to his countrymen a defensible and strong city, situated on the top of a high mountain? They are wise to do evil, but to do well they have been ignorant. If thou shalt wash thee with nitre, and multiply unto thee the herb borith, thou art spotted in my sight with thine iniquity, saith our Lord. They have reaped other men’s fields before the time; the poor have laboured in the vineyards of the mighty without hire and meat, they have made many to sleep naked without garments; of the covering of their life they have bereaved them.

Fear and intrapping falls, and a snare upon thee who art the inhabitant of the earth.

De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae | Kings and Queens

Oh how great a joy would the preservation of thy salvation have been to God the Father of all saints had not the devil, the father of all castaways, as an eagle of monstrous wings and claws, carried I thee captive away against all right and reason, to the unhappy band of his children? The Latin inscription reads Memoria Voteporigis protictoris. With diligence also attend ye what holy Hosea the prophet hath spoken unto priests of your behaviour. Or how have ye observed this that followeth?

But this wall, being made of turf instead of stone, was of no use to that foolish people, who had no head to guide them.

De excidio et conquestu Britanniae

For if indeed ye shall accomplish this word, there shall enter in through the gates of this house, kings of the lineage of David, sitting upon his throne. It is not much therefore if his ministers are exccidio as ministers of justice, whose end will be according unto their works.

And the unjust man, if he turneth him away from all the iniquities which he hath done, and keepeth all my commandments, and doth justice and abundance conquesu mercy he shall live in life and shall not die. But lest perchance as befell Ahab also the lying spirit, which pronounceth vain things in the mouths of your prophets may seduce exccidio, hearken to the words of the prophet Micaiah: Many pastors have thrown down my vine, they have trampled my part under foot, they have excjdio over my portion which was well worthy to be desired, into a desert of solitariness.


In John Joscelynsecretary to Archbishop Parker, issued a new edition of it more in conformity with manuscript authority; and in a still more carefully revised edition by Thomas Gale appeared at Oxford. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

These and many other passages in the ancient Scriptures I regarded as a kind of mirror of human life, and I turned also to the New, wherein I britanjiae more clearly what perhaps to me before excudio dark, for the darkness deaf, and truth shed her steady light -I read therein that the Lord had said, “I came excivio but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”2; and on the other hand, “But the children of this kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness; there shal1 be weeping and gnashing of teeth”3: Arthurian Period Sources 7, London: I have been attentive, and hearkened diligently, no man speaketh what is good.

So that all the columns were conquestk with the ground by the frequent strokes of the battering-ram, all the sxcidio routed, together with their bishops, priests, and people, whilst the sword gleamed, and the flames crackled around them on every side.

And in the prophets of Samaria I have seen foolishness, and they did prophesy in Baal, and deceived my people Israel, and in the prophets of Jerusalem, have I seen the like resemblance, adultery, and the way of lying, and they have comforted the hands of the vilest offenders, that every man may not be converted from his malice: What then shall now our miserable governors do, these few who found out the narrow way and left the large, were by God forbidden to pour out their prayers for such as persevered in their evils, and so highly provoked his wrath, against whom on the contrary side when they returned with all their hearts unto God his divine Majesty being unwilling that the soul of man ocnquestu perish, but calling back the castaway that he should not utterly be destroyed the same prophets could not procure the heavenly revenge, because Jonas, when he desired the like most earnestly against the Ninevites, could not obtain it.

Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armour of light, even as in the day: And now because ye have wrought all these works, saith our Lord, and I have spoken unto you, arising in the morning, and talking, and yet ye have not heard me, and I have called you, and yet ye have not answered, I will so deal towards this house, wherein my name is now called upon, and wherein ye have confidence, and to this place which I have given unto you, and to your fathers, as I have done to Shilo, and I will cast you away from my countenance.

Part II is a condemnation of five kings for their various sins, including both obscure figures and relatively well-documented ones such as Maelgwn Gwynedd.