One of the obvious tips for mastering Dead or Alive 4 is to go through the Sparring Matches with all of the characters to find your best fit. This wiki was automatically converted from the Dead or Alive 4 Guide (Xbox ) guide at and may. Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List. Credit goes to the people from Play as Blonde Hitomi -Press X while selecting costume 8 Play.

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Throw will tell the computer to throw you in a variety of ways. If you do this in story mode or especially during online play you will get your butt kicked badly. This stands true for most characters however. Learning how to xoa4 a hold is usually best done in sparring mode, against a computer controlled opponent.

System – Frame data of all DOA4 characters | Free Step Dodge

She has some of the best charge and dash moves in the game so for the most part we’re going to abuse dooa4, combined with powerful throws and counters to give Spartan an edge. Computer -Funny the computer plays about in the same manner with Ein as it does Hayate. All of the moves from this stance are available in the Unique Attacks portion of the Command List.

To initiate a Kasenko, enter either b, f, P or f, b, P. Ein There’s nothing particularly crazy about Ein, except for the fact guife he and Hayate are the same person.

It’s an unexpected addition to your arsenal, and thus one that’s difficult to counter, although it is easily blocked. He dka4 the brutality of Bass with the mid-level speed of someone like Brad, and tops it off with a full suite of reversals and extremely damaging combo throws. Her style is one of hesitation, intended to throw your opponent off-balance, so that they have a hard time doa what’s coming. The biggest threat to watch out for are the cars.


If you are tag comboing, or your opponent is stunned. If you’re looking to brush up on general combat information, view our Combat Basics section.

Dead or Alive 4 Walkthrough

One of the major differences between him and Eliot is that Gen Fu’s throws usually result in pure damage, whereas Eliot’s throws are more finesse moves, resulting in Eliot standing behind the opponent and setting him up for more combo-based damage.

Complete Story Mode with all characters not including the characters that can’t be selected in Story Mode, obviously.

Here’s a chart of those: You’re asking for a distance throw. If you don’t do a full guidd, meaning you start down and press throw at ddb, instead of straight down again you’ll do the Kagero-Mawari. Explosive wall- 20 dmg M.

It’s quick, powerful, and works. Do you have a life? If you attempt to perform one of these while you’re really far away, she’ll probably teleport, but if you perform them while standing just outside of range of combo strikes, you can often connect with them. The unpredictability of online play leads to a bit more utility for blocking, especially when you learn an opponent’s patterns. Alternately, you can try to use one of your running punch or kicks attack to strike from long range.

And contrary to popular belief no it is NOT luck, as I’ve won entire matches on solely countering. If you try the combo once to them and they turn around quick enough, the next time you get them in this position assume they will block again and prepare to Izuna drop them as soon as you land on the ground.


Leon Although Leon is a different character than Bayman, they are quite similar in execution, mostly due to their similar emphasis on bruising punches and combo throws to deal damage.

You can hesitate quite a bit between different moves with Eliot so use that to your advantage. Her attacks can become hard to stop however so be careful about starting combos unless they are going to hit. Because you can either sit there and cry like a wuss or throw your opponent through something painful.

Just take the time to learn when you can enter the block command, and you’ll be tuide everything he throws at you in no time. Not only can this be used to dodge and avoid attacks, but it is an excellent way to set up another combo after you finish one.

If you gain your ground and swipe at her guixe the midst of this action, you should regain the upper-hand in the battle.

Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List

Just be careful to not do one of the above attacks if they do Oda4 do a get up move, as they may block or counter the attacks and leave you vulnerable. Was this guide helpful? She requires a lot more practice than is apparent at first glance. Christie is among the fastest-hitting characters in the game, relying on incredibly rapid strike combos to deal the bulk of her damage. All Dead or Alive aspects are copyrighted to Team Ninja.