A captivating story of love, loss, and immortality. Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as the Everneath, where immortals feed. Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as the Everneath. Now she’s returned—to her old life, her family, her boyfriend—before . Everneath (4 Book Series) by Brodi Ashton. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as .

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Part of what made me like the story so much was that it made me FEEL. Leaving you hanging on a lot of questions from the very first page Yes, he’s a musician, and smoking hot, and the one with powers, but Nikki’s heart is clearly with Jack.

This is such an under appreciated book and that really upsets me.

View all 72 comments. Quotes by Brodi Ashton. I loved Jack and all he stood for and his love for Nikki. So Nikki Beckett finds out, to her detriment, that Hades Everneath is not really the world of the dead, but instead a place for immortals, called the Everliving, who sustain themselves by feeding off willing human sacrifices.

View all 4 comments. I’m not saying that’s what the author wanted to portray but the sexually smirking guy meets innocent girl seems to be a common theme in these types of books. Jack is trapped for eternity in the Tunnels while Nikki has managed to evade Cole’s grasp.

Series by Brodi Ashton. Please try again later.


Strangely, she wakes up with the image of a brown-haired boy lingering in her memory and decides to Return, albeit for a brief period of time, to Earth. Why yes, yes it could. But if that’s your thing, I’d totally recommend it! No one is perfect. I mean, how can you say no to a book with characters that awesome?! However, in the case of Everneaththe story had a touch more finesse.

Jack never gave up on her. Nov 06, The only thing she recalls is the face of a boy, her first love, and one of her big disappointments — Jack. evrrneath

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Quite a few of my friends. One you will love, and one you will love to hate. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Brodi Ashton liked a quote. He tries very hard to convince Nikki to leave her home and become an immortal, Everliving, like him and rule as queen.

I was in tears at one point. Cover to Cover Ch Ashtton not pouting in the corner having a FML moment.

It’s well incorporated into the story and it gives the book a certain dark ashtob and a more adult cut. In one flashback it’s February and one month before Nikki disappears and the next it’s April and two weeks before she does.

Everneath Series by Brodi Ashton

Cancel Thanks for telling us about eveeneath problem. There are two other potentially interesting worlds that we merely hear about: A lot of the book is definitely paranormal romanceor PNRor even Love in a Supernatural Climate – take your pick. Becks returns to her life a husk of her former self. I can’t help but feel Everneath has suffered from the current trend demand for series in YA.


Jack, on the other hand, is the quintessential sweetheart – with a dash of edge, as evinced by his eyebrow piercing. I haven’t finished though.

This summary gave me hope.

Everneath Series

Wait no, Team Cole!!! Most of the book felt like a stall to get to the climax, which is probably why I couldn’t quite suspend my disbelief. A captivating story of love, loss, and immortality Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as the Everneath, where immortals feed on the emotions of despairing humans.

Everlivings entice people in pain, because The Feed takes all those emotions away.

Everneath (Everneath, #1) by Brodi Ashton

So, if you are tired of the usual run of the mill paranormal romances, you should head right on over to your book store and pick up Everneath. Same words are applicable for Jack.

One of the best messages this novel has is the consequences of co-dependent relationships. They struggle to ward off advances from the other male love interest, but because of factors out of their control this is called a plot people! I looked down at my feet. Jul 19, A lot of the story is interwoven with parts of Greek and Egyptian mythology, which I liked brod much. There were also larger flaws that bothered me.