Here are the best sites I’ve found which have anything to do with the Genevan Psalter. Of course, most of these would be found by any reliable search engine. Genevan Psalter – Psalms / Psalmen. Ernst Stolz Music; videos; , views; Last updated on May 14, Complete Psalm Project Genevan Psalter. The Genevan Psalter was the product of a collaborative effort among several people, most notably Louis Bourgeois, Claude Goudimel, Théodore de Bèze and .

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Yet many churches today go through an entire Sunday worship service without singing even a single psalm. But does it make sense to speak of a psalm tune when it is set to a hymn? Harmonies and instrumental renditions were exclusively used within the home or for concert performances. Frontispiece to Genevan Psalter, edition. The Dutch composer Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck wrote motets for four to eight voices for all the psalms, some of them through-composed including all verses, as well as a number of psalm variations for organ.

The result is a remarkably disciplined set of melodies: Calvin’s theology of sung prayer comes even more clearly into focus when looking at the melodies, which grnevan to have both the “weight psalteer majesty” appropriate for singing communally in the presence of God.

Wojciech Bobowski was a musically-gifted Polish-born Reformed Christian who had the misfortune to be kidnapped as a young man by Tatars and sold as a slave to the Ottoman Geneva.

A Reformed Approach to Psalmody: The Legacy of the Genevan Psalter

This was reported to me by my colleague, Dr. The Te Deum is an ancient creedal hymn reputedly composed by Nicetas of Remesiana 4th-5th centurythough popularly attributed to Sts. Song of the Three Youths. At about the same time I began attending an Anglican church which followed a similar pattern for each Sunday of the church calendar, following the three-year ecumenical lectionary.

How and where does the Reformed tradition of psalmody come to expression today, in the 21st century, both in North America and beyond? I raise my song psalrer faithful LORD to bless, for he has treated me kindly.

  CEA 861B PDF

The liveliest of the Psalms, e.

Vande Vere Publishing, The HTM files are unaltered texts which I have collected from various Psalters and websites over the years. Metrical psalmody is genwvan particular gift of the Reformed tradition to the broader Christian community.

In his noble acts revere him: Many of the Psalms are ascribed to David himself, and there is even a tradition making him the author of the entirety of the book. The versification of the Philippians hymn I wrote around and it was subsequently published in the edition of the Psalter Hymnal of the Christian Reformed Church.

Among his many impressive achievements, he translated the Bible into Turkish and versified the first 14 Psalms in that language, enabling them to be sung to their proper Genevan melodies.

The Legacy of the Genevan Psalter The Genevan Psalter is the most important source of metrical psalmody in the continental Reformed tradition. So is limiting the voice of the congregation to a short refrain rather than the complete psalm.

The Genevan Psalter The Genevan Psalter is a collection of melodies designed to be sung with metrical translations of the Biblical Psalms and three other Scriptural songs. Missionary activity as well as emigration from the Netherlands spread the Genevan Psalter especially to Indonesia, South Africa, 14 and Canada.

First, I am rendering them as I have heard them in my head.

Genevan Psalter

My versification for the Song of Jonah I wrote back inbefore I was acquainted with the tunes of the Genevan Psalter. Some of the harmonizations may sound a little dissonant to those familiar with the arrangements traditionally sung in the Dutch or Hungarian churches.

Moreover, if one follows the suggested tempos, the traditionalist is likely to find them entirely too rapid. But there is little evidence to support that, and much better evidence to support the relationship to Gregorian chant. Some of the earlier melodies were replaced.

A Reformed Approach to Psalmody: The Legacy of the Genevan Psalter

A brief biography of Strejc is found on p. The Psaltee of the Three Youths does not appear in the Hebrew canon, but it is found in the Septuagint and later translations based on it, where it is inserted in Daniel 3. Whether the two met I have been unable to determine, but Strejc was sufficiently gwnevan with the Lobwasser Psalter that he undertook to translate the German text directly into the Czech language in Shall I look on your visage never?


In so doing, I departed to some extent from the traditional rhyming schemes and, in some cases, from rhyme itself. After coming out in installments, a complete metrical psalter-texts with tunes-was released in Geneva in The melodies for the new psalms were composed by Guillaume Franc.

Although my present church community has not discovered this pattern for itself, I continue to follow the daily office in the course of my own personal prayer regimen, though I have sometimes abbreviated it as my own circumstances have changed.

Genevan Psalter – Wikipedia

However, given the plethora of CM and LM tunes and the relative paucity of CMD and LMD tunes, I decided to compose tunes in the latter metres to diminish the repetitiveness of multiple stanzas in the shorter forms. There is much musical creativity surrounding composition of psalm refrains.

So to be complete, the texts would need to add words to the psalm. The Reformed tradition, more than any other, took that phrase literally psapter it came to congregational song.

First, the Genevan Psalms are the common heritage of the Reformed churches. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Unfortunately the Genevan melodies, except for a very pdalter tunes, did not catch on in the English-speaking world as they did elsewhere.