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Fill with Pattern 3.

Add Alpha channel to Selection 7. Device Status Dialog 5.

GIMP – Documentation

Tool Preset Editor 5. Creating a Basic Shape 8. Crop to Selection 6. The Procedure Browser Layer to Image Size 7.


Alpha to Logo Filters A Script-Fu Tutorial 3. Text Context Menu 2. Defecten Bugs rapporteren en verzoeken om aanvullingen 1. A Script-Fu Tutorial 3. Moving a Selection 2. Fill with FG Color 3. Fit Canvas neederlands Layers 6.

Wat is nieuw in GIMP? Show Layer Boundary 5. Introduction to Menus 1. Giving Our Script Some Guts 3. Change the Size of an Image for the screen 4.


GNU Image Manipulation Program

Het raster van de afbeelding 2. Snap to Canvas 5. Argumenten op de opdrachtregel 2. Symmetry Painting dialog Edit Layer Mask 7.

Digital photography improvements 2. Light and Shadow Filters 6. Van Gogh LIC Mask to Selection 7.

Flip Horizontally; Flip Vertically 6. Image Structure Related Dialogs 2. Erase Every Other Row 4. Stroking a Path 5.

Tool Presets Dialog 5.