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Random variable, and ggoon s expectation and variance. We have then the hypothesis Hq: It is a gross inaccuracy. Hence whenever the order of the values is considered to be of importance, the median tvill be preferred to both the mean and the mode. Thus, in the number the number of significant figures is only four, viz.

Business executives, again, are relying more and more on statistical techniques for controlling the quality dwsgupta manufactured products and for studying the needs and desires of the consumers. Note that to start with we took more significant figures than are needed in the final result. This gypta zero if and only if A and B are independent i.

But sometimes it may be difficult to obtain tabulated values of a function for equidistant values of the argument. Again, the fact that two variables are correlated does not necessarily mean that they are causally related — that one variable is the cause of the other. Consider the data of Table 4. It specifies the mean, but the variance is left unspecified. Indeed, if T dasguupta consistent, so are, e.

In drawing a line diagram, the following points should be borne in mind: Statistical information is sometimes presented in maps. If a new variable is formed, viz. Thirdly, it should increase from its lowest dasgupts value through zero to its highest possible value as we proceed from perfect negative association through dasvupta to perfect positive association.


In case the regression is linear, i. But, on the whole, it is of a more cumbrous dasguptaa and its use will be comparatively laborious. It has been called the coefficient of association betiveen A and B and is due to Yule.

A corresponding measure computed on the basis of sample values is called a statistic. Peas harvested dry decreased by about 9, acres toacres, but a larger area of beans, mainly broad beans and green peas, was grown.

Some properties of the standard deviation are given below: Error in a tabular value.

The positive square-root of the variance is called the standard deviation denoted by a, or a. Similarly, the conditional distributions of. Similarly, the row-totals of frequencies give the marginal distribution ofj. Give examples of data for which the Poisson distribution is expected to give a good fit. Again, ATUV is isosceles, the angle formed by the two equal sides being a right angle.

In the latter case certain important features of the data tvould be obscured. Our raw data will then consist of a number of pairs of values of x and j, each pair corresponding to a particular individual.

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If we do so for the ranking glon Judge I, the corresponding ranking by Judge 2 becomes: Show that the law of large numbers holds for these variables. Work are approximately normally distributed. In a later chapter, we shall also consider the problem of testing hypotheses regarding the form of a population. Determine the expected number of black balls preceding the first white ball. If log x has mean log f and standard deviation 8, then it has the p.


Then p is the proportion of members in the population having the character A. The computational labour can be reduced a great deal by first taking deviations of the given values about a suitable origin and then computing moments about that origin In the present case, we may take the origin at 1, gm.

Now, it is known that anj linear function of normal variables is itself normally distributed. If we want to compare the volumes of tourist traffic for a numbt of countries, say India, the U.

What is the significance of this result in regard to the multiple regression equation of on Aj, Xj, Xp?

Fundamentals of Statistics – A. M. Goon, B. Dasgupta, M. K. Gupta – Google Books

The importance of statistical methods cannot be over-emphasised. So it is evident that our results will not be exact due to the approxi- mate nature of the data and of the methods. The total number of inversions is 1 m.

This result too can be rigorously proved. This is the case, for instance, when we are ultimately interested in information regarding such points as the m’nimum or the maximum height for a group of students, the percentage of students having height between cm. Moreover, as we saw earlier, it serves as an approximation to the binomial and Poisson distributions, under certain conditions.

In statistical language such an aggregate is called a population or universe. We shall show that as the degree of the polynomial increases, the value of the correlation index also increases.