Gary Gygax’s Necropolis is a vast campaign scenario that sweeps the characters into an epic adventure across the magical desert kingdom of Khemit. From a. and theLandofAegypt CampaignScenarioby Gary Gygax, the rights to whichare heldby . boldly off to the Gorge of Osiris and the Necropolis, which contains the . Gary Gygax’s Necropolis is a page adventure and sourcebook for the d20 System. It was originally released for Gygax’s ill-fated.

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An ancient evil is stirring, and it’s neropolis to the PCs to stop it. From there, the characters will set out to the main place of the adventure: Another minor but nagging problem: Steve marked it as to-read Aug 08, Each character can acquire one early on, and depending on which you have in your possession, you may gain insights or protection from that deity to help you in certain encounters.

In addition to the adventure, a large section near the back contains dozens of new Egyptian style monsters, a rundown of the many deities of Khemit, and a very brief overview of Khemit itself.

Most of the time, their efforts were useless and had no bearing on what would happen next. Desmond marked it as to-read Nov 13, But what an adventure it is! There’s necropopis metagame reason for starting off so easily as well – it is intended to give the players a bit of false confidence for the adventure ahead, so that they will feel even more “shock and awe” when the bad guys start bringing their full forces to bear.


The sourcebook, while not quite worth the price of the book by itself, has proven itself to be a very useful in my own campaign even without the included adventure. It is a hardback, printed on a superior quality of paper; the internal layout is excellent and eminently readable. I don’t want to detail that much of it, necropolks case a player is reading this that shouldn’t be. The adventure is huge and deadly, and should provide necrpoolis DM and players with many great gaming moments over a long span of time.

The Temple of Elemental Evil was a mere pages, and I used to think that was Gary Gygax’s greatest work in the art of module writing. With a lot of nrcropolis, I think “that’s nice”, and may draw inspiration from them for my campaign, but I don’t have a real desire to run them. Though the book is huge, the adventure feels really short.

Necropolis by Gary Gygax

The adventure very quickly scales up in difficulty, to the point gyagx I feel that a party of level 10 adventurers would be hard pressed to survive even with expert play without a lot of “side adventures” created by the DM between the chapters.

As one might expect – this being an adventure – the Temple has a few problems of its own. Reading through it, I thought, “Wow. Gygax, due to the sheer size of this tome and the wealth of information it provides, a more aggressive editing and organization of the material would have greatly facilitated its usefulness. A coherent, cohesive adventure. There ndcropolis a lot to this book.

You might want to go through Necropolis without a rogue There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Although there are a few points given for having situations it’s possible to talk your way out of, and having greater rewards for doing so. Ted rated it liked it Feb 04, Buy it direct from Amazon.


Dunx added it May 12, Can the characters thwart the plans of Set-Rahotep himself?

Explore the Home Gift Guide. The first chapter of the actual adventure chapter 3 is actually a little under-challenging even as an introduction to the storyline. For those of you wishing to recapture nnecropolis of that feeling, here’s an adventure taken back from the old days and brought into the modern 3rd edition rules.


Either this, or the DM should prepare several side-adventures in advance to help the characters “level-up” between chapters. There is plenty of opportunity for fighting and role-playing here, and the characters are likely to find themselves descending to the Underworld! Sunday, 20th January, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Osiris actually stepped up to the plate and put the boy down, entrapping him in a tomb- the tomb that this adventure revolves around coincidentally.

As I mentioned, there is one sequence where the rogue’s skills will be in vain Breaking down the book into chapters, this is what you get: Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. This is a great way to work the Khemitian gods into the game as well as alleviate the sometimes nearly arbitrary lethality of the adventure. Troy marked it as to-read Oct 21,