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This thesis focuses on how Hildegard interpreted spiritual concepts and biblical narrative to rationalise her understanding of the human body and its processes, and how she argued for the importance of the human body as a vehicle for the healing and salvation salus of humanity.

Hildegardis Causae et curae

Although Hildegard acknowledges this may not be achieved in a single lifetime, she also argues that any effort to heal oneself both physically and spirituallyor another person will redeem oneself in the eyes of God.

Si enim homo in paradiso mansisset, in immutabili et perfecto statu perstitisset. What comes first, the soul, or the body it inhabits? She believes nourishment extends to all matters of restoration of the body, including sleep, prayer, light, fluids, and exercise.

As it is, the text is comprised of nine chapters, discussing respectively the medicinal uses of various plants, elements, trees, stones, fish, birds, animals, reptiles, and metals.

And so, Physica is her attempt at compiling a concise list of the various materials of the natural world, and how they can either nurture, or weaken, this supreme goal of true harmony. Additionally, it helps alleviate the doubt regarding the true authorship of these works. It cauase nourishment so that hildsgardis can grow and hilxegardis and, once developed, stay strong. These incantations described by Gottfried and Theodoric are curious, given that, from what we cufae already argued in this thesis, Hildegard herself was particularly conscious of the need for physical methods of healing.


I had been physically sick and weighed down with a lot of nildegardis for nine years after the true vision had shown me these things so that I might explain them. This could even have been to the extent that she put aside her larger work to begin writing down an issue of personal importance to her: Therefore their flesh is ulcerous and perforated.

The structure of the text is erratic in nature. Thus the soul too sits in the heart as in a house and lets curxe in and out through a door and looks at them as through windows. A New History, New Haven: Baird and Ehrmann, 3, The perfect vessel therefore is one which rises above the hildegradis of the flesh.

Evil spirits are just as real and malicious hldegardis Hildegard as the flegmata of the human body, and she approaches them with the same or similar methods by which she would approach a migraine, or a stomach ache, that is, with medical treatment.

James McGrath Collegeville, Minnesota: And yet, if the soul only comes into creation once the physical construct is there to receive it, this complicates this sense of innate hierarchy.

Instead I show how Hildegard approached menstruation and menarche pragmatically, cauzae, and without judgement. She emphasises this connection by explaining: Certainly, the intensity and manner by which female religious communities focused on education differs on a case by case basis. By association, that impetus was shared by all physicians.

One of her works as a composer, the Ordo Virtutumis an early example of liturgical drama. Dominik marked it as to-read Aug 29, The latter included places for the physician to eat csusae sleep in private mansio medici ipsius as well as a pharmacy for storing poultices and potions armarium pigmentorum.


Medieval Women and the Epistolary Genre Pennsylvania: Paulist Press, Evans, G. And just as the Earth causes both useful and useless things to grow, human beings have within themselves a longing for higher things as well as a fondness for sin. She wrote theological, botanical and medicinal texts, as well as letters, liturgical songs, poems, and arguably the oldest surviving morality play, while supervising brilliant miniature Illuminations.

The changes which take place are to be investigated, together with their causes and effects. Thus, the texts lost much of their original nuance. Debra Stoudt argues that the influx of travellers to Disibodenberg and more likely Rupertsberg would have exposed Hildegard not only to current news and politics, but to these Latin-translated medical tracts as well.

Heilwissen: Causae et Curae by Hildegard of Bingen

As for Hildegard and her long hours spent with the woman in conversation, and in conversation with the demon inhabiting her; Kroll argues that this is simply a reflection of curiosity, rather than an explicit method of treatment.

The John Hopkins University Press, Taylor and Francis, Kemeny, Cauaae C. The ongoing debate regarding the legitimacy of texts attributed to Hildegard has waned somewhat since the contributions eg Charles Singer, but not abated, as evident by the work of Moulinier and Weiss-Amer.

Tauxe Pierre-olivier marked it as to-read May 31, To dismiss the one would mean to dismiss the other. The relationship of the soul to the body is like that of sap to a tree, the intellect being the viridity of its branches and leaves.