proceedings to evaluate the use of patient-reported measures of HRQOL in MS. A variety of .. MSQOL may represent a barrier to its use in clinical practice. Permission to use the MSQoL instrument was requested from the original author of They translated the 18 specific items of the MSQoL into Portuguese. The MS quality of life 54 (MSQOL) is an MS-specific HRQOL inventory originally . MSQOL scale scores were assembled using the Likert method for .

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Development of a Short Version of MSQOL-54 Using Factor Analysis and Item Response Theory

The 54 items are organized into 12 multi-item and two single-item subscales Table 1. Multiple sclerosis MS is progressive, autoimmune neurodegenerative disorder, causing damage of the central nervous system CNS as a result of myelin sheath damage. Finally cognitive debriefing of the new instrument vs. Rasch modelling was originally designed and used for educational assessment, but is increasingly used in health research as it has advantages over factor analysis.

The University of Chicago Press; Interest in the Health Related Quality of Life HRQOL of people with multiple sclerosis MS has been driven by a desire to broaden traditional outcome measures to include those not always evident on clinical examination, but nevertheless important to the patient [ 12 ].

The equivalence of the paper and electronic versions msqil be also assessed [ 46 ].

To better follow the translation of items from 38 through 45, it is important to present the English instruction to which they refer. The analyses were performed with SAS release 9.


Validation and cross-cultural adaptation of the disease-specific questionnaire MSQOL in Serbian multiple sclerosis patients sample. Patients with multiple sclerosis MS felt the questionnaire was easy to understand. They understood the items, but since they had not had sexual relations in the last four weeks, they had no uae to mark any of the alternatives. This does not prevent the patient from receiving help to read or complete the items due to any clinical difficulties, despite being a self-assessment questionnaire.

They received all research information, including that data would be kept confidential and that they could leave the study at any time. Comparison of our results with the data from the original American study and validation tl from Hungary and Italy between gow mean scale scores of the patients groups is presented in Figure 1.

Open in a separate window. Based on the results of the above analyses we derived the short questionnaire: For each subscale reliability was evaluated by ro following msqlo index: Guidelines from the international panel on the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Questionnaire length, and complexity of score calculation and interpretation, are recognised as main barriers to the use of Msqpl and other patient-reported inventories in everyday practice [ 213 ].

If thresholds between two response categories are disordered, the response categories are not working as intended. Similar results are found in other studies where average time to complete the MSQOL- 54 ranged between Longevity is bimodally distributed with many patients having normal longevity and some dying at a significantly younger age depending on disease aggressiveness, disability severity, infection, or suicide [ 45 ].


These characteristics were responsible for the zero reliability and led us to exclude them from the short instrument.

Translation of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life-54: Brazilian Version

MSQoL scale scores were created using the Likert method by averaging items within the scales and, then row scores were linearly transformed into 0— scales. The Free and Informed Consent Form was signed by the participants in the pre-test phase.

The models assume unidimensionality—that all items here HRQOL subscale assess the same single construct of interest—and also local independence—that items do not correlate with each other when the latent trait has been controlled for.

As bad as or worse than being dead. A framework for classification and evaluation.

Translation of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Brazilian Version | OMICS International

Although some malfunctioning subscales were identified Social Function and Health Perceptionsthey were retained as single-item subscales because of the importance of these domains as indicated by feedback from clinicians and patients.

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Evaluating model hlw In: They were invited to read, complete, and express their opinions on their understanding and the relevance of the 18 items from version 2. Then the first author conducted a comparison between the original version and the back-translation.