Jack Maggs: A Novel [Peter Carey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Booker Prize-winning author of Oscar and Lucinda returns to the. The year is and ex-convict Jack Maggs has returned illegally to London from Australia. Installing himself in the household of a genteel grocer, he attracts . In Jack Maggs, Peter Carey has written a twentieth-century, post-colonial Dickens novel, in an imaginative and audacious act of appropriation.

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He writes letters almost incessantly to explain his past to his boy. New York Times Book Review. Oates, however, has other plans, as he finds in Maggs a character from whom to draw much needed inspiration for a forthcoming novel which he desperately needs to produce.

In this novel, peyer that have now been discredited–somnambulism and physiognomy sp? Maggs is fearsomely well constructed, though – there’s just enough of the bloody terror of the Colonies in him, and the imposing peted of Dickens original is fully present. Mesmerism is the manner that reveals some of his criminal past, as does a letter he wr An engrossing old-fashioned story about a stranger with a mysterious past arriving in London in the s.

A servant in the writer’s house explains her master’s obsession with others’ lives. Jack Maggs does not fail to satisfy on that level – and it is about a tenth the size of most of its kin.

Jack Maggs lives an adventure, with twisting, turning motives and secrets. Definitely my new favorite book by the consistently remarkable Peter Carey. It’s a highly interesting combination of powerful style and weak characters.

I just know I grew bored, then actively irritated. And there is something very alarming about Maggs his huge size, his pain, his fixed will.

The plot has many twists and turns with many well-drawn characters. A post-colonial reworking of the story of Great Expectations, Jack Maggs is the tale of a transported convict who returns secretly to England to see Henry Phipps, the adopted son whose education he has financed. Nearly gave up several times!! Thus between andhe was able to pursue literature obsessively.


And as their various schemes converge, the captivating figure at the center is Jack Maggs himself, at once frightening, mystifying, and utterly compelling. But Jack Maggs is not a man of enough action. There is plenty of melodrama, violence, twists and turns, an unlikely and surprising heroine, lots of secrets some confessed, some notgrief and loss. Great Expectations, A close study of the relationship between text and film.

In Jack Maggs, Carey reads Dickens in order to produce a late twentieth-century story of equally pitiable isolation, of trauma, wounds, secrets and confessions. Jan 30, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: In this novel, unlike the original the Pip or Phipps character is thoroughly unlikeable. For artistry, for psychological subtlety, for sheer entertainment, “Jack Maggs” is sure to beat the dickens out of any other novel this year.

How does this thirst shape and rule his life? He gets exactly Dickens’s effect of being in a phantasmagoric dream and yet in an overpoweringly real physical world. No characters to latch onto, everyone’s motives very murky with no light in sight – just not much life to it and very little interesting detail of the period, unless you I quit Maggs about halfway through.

Interesting to read a book about Victorians that is completely driven by dialogue, as opposed to the thick soup of expository language that is sometimes beautiful — such as in Bleak House — and sometimes awful — such as in Bleak House.

Definitely a set of compelling characters, again both building off the foundation Dickens laid in Great Expectations, but clearly reworked from a contemporary standpoint–postcolonial, post-Freudian, postmodern, etc. He is an entertainer who has ‘a great talent for all kinds of dialects and voices, tricks, conjuring, disappearing cards, pantomime performances’. It was like Carey was writing this as a pastime. He never lets us feel disoriented as he drops in flashbacks that reveal the horrible pasts that brought these characters to the current crisis.

Both lose the woman they love.

Jack Maggs

I loved Carey’s Oscar and Lucinda but found this a bit disappointing. What makes him violent; naggs makes him kind and tender? Carey is an Australian author and although this is an homage, it is also, I think a counterblast and a spot of revenge done with a good deal of verve and panache.


What betrayals has each of them committed? Undoubtedly inspired by Magwitch’s story in Dickens, the modern-day Australian novelist Peter Carey has in Jack Maggs imagined a retelling of Magwitch’s tale. An almost 4 stars rounded up This is an intelligent reworking of Great Expectations from the point of view of the convict; mmaggs eponymous Jack Maggs. Magwitch tricks the seven-year-old boy ppeter believing that he has an accomplice who is a terrible young man who would tear out and eat Pip’s heart and liver if Pip did not help them.

I was especially delighted to dislike Percy Buckle at first, then to like him and think him nobel for saving poor Mercy Larkin–I thought he would be a kind of traditional Dickensian minor hero–then to despise him even more for learning what he does to her, and finally to laugh at him as he encounters his injured front door. It was fun, funny, sad, frightening, clever and satisfying. The year is and ex-convict Jack Maggs has returned illegally to London from Australia.

The time, the s. He is an inquisitive, methodical, quasi-scientist, who has a risky obsession with the ‘Criminal Mind’, for which he wants to be, like a traveller exploring a dark, unknown city, ‘the first cartographer’.

It reminded me of ‘Fingersmith’ by Sarah Waters which is also set in Victorian England, both stories are populated by realistically human characters, with complex personalities, characters that are both loathsome and lovable. Books by Peter Carey.

Jack Maggs – Wikipedia

Maggs will let Oates continue to hypnotise him, if Oates will help him with his quest. After four novels had been written and rejected The Fat Man in History — a short story collection — was published in Trivia About Jack Maggs. For the next thirteen years he wrote fiction at night and weekends, working in many advertising agencies in Melbourne, London and Sydney.