composing in an effort to lay groundwork for more detailed study of Janet Emig, “Writing as a Mode of Learning,” CCC, 28 (May, ). Emig, Janet. “Writing as a Mode of Learning.” CCC (May ) Emig, in this early article that articulates the importance of a. Emig thus points out the multiple reasons as to why writing is definitely a mode of learning. She uses a great deal of evidence from Vygotzky to.

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I think all the four elements work together in the writing process. At the same time writers create their own goals through evaluation and generation. Of course now I realize that my dad was right, and that had I not learned other ways of studying, I would learningg be in janef graduate program never mind in this class… can you imagine re-writing all these readings!?!?!?!? Writing in her opinion unlike the others is originating and creating verbal construct that is learninv recorded.

Another distinction she makes is between skills that require origination and graphic representation and lerning that do not. I like the idea of using writing as learning mode because it can be valuable in the learning process. If the burden is not lessen down, it is helpful for teachers as the learners will be aware of the learning strategies, and that will make the teaching of writing process easy. Thus writing may be inspired by the need of expression or the need of getting an A in a composition class.

This site uses cookies. Besides everyone has varying background knowledge, and developing of rhetoric problem also differs from person to person.

First, she takes a strategic look at the four popular modes of communication used for learning: As soon as I read the title of this reading I became very curious. Before I read the janef I thought it was going to show me a more scientific side to why writing promotes learning. The next part of the paper in my opinion was the most interesting. Writing as a mode of learnimg by Janet Emig: I found the comparison between the learning strategies and attributes of writing process is actually interesting.


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Response #7 – Janet Emig’s “Writing as a Mode of Learning” | charityjoy

Flower and Hayes discussion of the cognitive process theory emphasizes the four key elements. Although she focuses mainly on writing and talking, she also touches on a few other topics in less detail. M on Book Review.

I have found in many students qs often they are driven away from the main goal, and sub goals intervene in the process.

Emig, Writing as a Mode of Learning | Revolution Lullabye

In the next section of her paper she defines the many differences between writing and talking. A Tool of Learning Flower and Hayes discussion of the cognitive process theory emphasizes the four key elements. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It can help them to improve their academic writing, and to develop effective learning strategies. She feels that they serve separate and distinct functions and that many people do not realize this.

Her objective is to describe ianet writing uniquely corresponds to these powerful learning strategies. Furthermore, Emig offers moxe nice list of differences between writing and talking.

The intelligences like naturalistic, musical, logical are jaanet on papers in the writing process. I am not whining. In the act of writing, people regenerate or recreate their own goals in the light of what they learn, and what they already know.

Your email address will not be published. It helps writers to stick to their main goals.


Writing as a mode of Learning

Both are multi- representational processes, give self-provided feedbacks, establish synthetic and analytic conceptual groupings, and active and engaging process. She uses a great deal of evidence from Vygotzky enig Piaget, to Gardner, she utilizes rather well known theories not only into the physiological process of the brain when people write and learn but also in production of lwarning through writing.

In this article Emig tries to show how writing serves as a unique way of learning. Emig thus points out the multiple reasons as to why writing is definitely a mode of learning.

Therefore, writing as a creation, also facilitates the genesis of relations that meet our human needs.

I think those distinctions are a bit too rigid; does anyone else? I found the solution in the loud outlining of the goals. It is so complex, that some of us may think too fast for our hands, and in fact, often have to go back emg erase because we start to write a word that should go after some that we skipped.

I became particularly drawn by the idea that writing supports learning simply because of the fact that it reinforces its cycle through the use of the hand, the eyes, and the brainwhich is kf very complex and intertwine process. I think her point in this was to show emkg the definition of learning can mean different things to different people depending on the context in which it is being discussed. It focused a bit on the more scientific aspect and how the brain works when you are writing.

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