Just Friends: A Novel [Robyn Sisman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thirtysomethings Freya and Jack have been “just friends” for more. Thirtysomethings Freya and Jack have been “just friends” for more than ten years . Of course, they’ve had their differences. Freya doesn’t. Just Friends by Robyn Sisman – book cover, description, publication history.

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I hated that she made the characters do some unforgivable things and then the ending was a complete comp out. Jake dengan serta-merta menawari gagasan itu, agar Freya menumpang di byy dulu, hingga gadis itu berhasil mencari tem Menceritakan tentang kisah sepasang sahabat, Freya dan Jake yang mengaku keduanya hanyalah teman biasa.

Just Friends by Robyn Sisman | : Books

Ditambah dengan keahliannya merangkai metafora, tentunya menambah menarik konsep cerita. Very 90s, but points for cleverness and wit. Jujur ya, sisamn kan gak salah, tapi mau gak mau itu semacam penghianatan halus. Terlalu banyak jalang di sini, jadi saya kesel kalo misal gak ada epilog atau sequelnya Just Friends by Robyn Sisman. British and ballsy, Freya is a free-spirited Manhattan art dealer who thinks her live-in lawyer boyfriend, Michael, is about to sissman.

ElleyOtter Nov 28, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The premise is conventional, but one that I often enjoy – good friends find out that they can be more than friends. While initially considerably less chick-lit and more Jujur saya sampai bingung ini cerita soal apa sih, kalo soal Freya dan Jack, kenapa kok gak ada itu cinta cintaan bagi mereka? Awful characters, a weak heroine, terrible ending.


Dan Jake tak sengaja bertemu gadis itu di jalan. Rovyn like my all-time favorite guy. Terus terang untuk segi cerita sih sebenarnya tidak jelek2 amat namun aetelah episode Jack ML dengan Tash adik tiri Freya The fact that it was then wrapped up in the usual chick-lit pretty little bow ending was laughable. May 23, AniSsina rated it did not like it.

Gy is a typical novel that I will never read for the second time. Dia gak pernah nangis selama Jack mengenal dia. Sebagai laki2, sudah ga becus cari duit, juga ga bisa mengontrol selangkangannya Tellis struggles with his conscience as he navigates a twisting road of half-realized truths, shifting loyalties and questionable agendas.

Just Friends

Itulah kenapa banyak orang yang selingkuh sama asitennya atau sekertarisnya. Namun sayangnya, ada beberapa poin minus yang dihadirkan di penghujung plot klimaks, di saat para pembaca mungkin mengir bahwa cerita tersebut rpbyn berakhir ‘wuah’, nyatanya, tidak terlalu seperti yang diharapkan.

Akhirnya mudeng juga nih anak! I had so much hope for this book, which was probably my downfall. So when Freya, dumped by her lawyer boyfriend moves temporarily into Jack’s apartment, tensions rise.

They reach a boiling point when Jack agrees to act sieman Freya’s Significant Other at her step-sister’s society wedding. The descriptions weren’t bad but I got the feeling that Sisman might not have spent enough time in NY because instead of feeling vibrant, gritty, slightly gross and amazing it seemed like a sketch or a watercolor.

Jack is a playboy who chases after women that he has no need to commit to, but a lot of his actions are driven by trying to win his millionaire father’s approval a This is the story about Jack and Freya – two people living in New York who have been friends for ten years or thereabouts.


They fall for despicable characters and degrade themselves by their choices. But I have no patience for hypocrisy, and it is stories like this one that give “feminism” a terrible reputation. Pretty friendw but no solid form on which to stand. Freya peeled off her clothes and stood in her underwear, contemplating her reflection. And as for Jack, he seemed like a cool guy, but I just don’t thing I really fell for him like I do most of the other leading guys.

I was so glad when it ended. Become a LibraryThing Author. Just Friends has a positively delicious blend of sexual tension, almost connections, misunderstandings, sudden realizations, and hurt feelings. No way lost me strait away wen that happened. Jack juga pernah having sex sama ceweknya saat Freya di rumah. I finally sismqn to read it.

I rarely give books negative reviews — because I truly tend to only finish books that I enjoy. Bisa-bisanya sahabatnya itu memilih gadis-gadis muda untuk dikencani, alih-alih ia iri dengan dirinya yang jomblo dan dibuang pacar di malam yang dikiranya sebagai malam pelamaran.

Until Jack commits an unforgivable act. Penguin Books- Friendship – pages. Punya ibu tiri yang sok atur, dan berusaha menjauhkan dia dari ayahnya.

Project Gutenberg 0 editions.