The plant is harvested from the wild for local use as a food and medicine. In some areas the plant is not removed when found growing as a weed in cultivated. Dianthera flava Vahl: 5 (). Dianthera americana var. flava (Vahl) Forssk.: 9 ( ). Adhatoda flava (Vahl) Nees (). A. fasciata Nees: (). Justicia flava (Forssk.) Vahl [family ACANTHACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Resource.

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Water twice a week. The species name, flava, flav yellow. The seeds should be planted in a mixture of good soil, flavz and river sand. Superficially similar to Justicia kirkiana but, apart from being a perennial herb with a more branched, shrubby habit, the leaves are broader ovate, particularly below, and much less hairy. In dry regions it can grow as an annual with smaller flowers.

Volume 5, Families S—Z, Addenda. Click on “show more” to view them. Justicia flava Justicia californica x 66 – 4k – thb www.


It is able to withstand dry conditions. Common names of South African plants. Sandy, Clay, Loam Flowering season: A complete revision of all related genera is urgently needed.

flavz Inflorescence a dense terminal spike up to 20 cm long, continuous or interrupted in the basal part; bracts linear-lanceolate. Kew Bulletin 43 4: Flora of tropical Africa. There are 1 study abstracts related to Justicia flava Vahl Vahl.

The petals of the 2-lipped, tubular flowers are pale to greenish with a bright yellow lower lip. Insects associated with this species: Justicia flava is a common species found in a number of different veld types musticia in disturbed habitats, growing on a wide range of soil types, in full sun or semi-shady areas.

Justicia flava | Plantz Africa

Display spot characters for this species. Preliminary checklist of the plants of Botswana. Numerous species can be found in the literature referred to by a variety of names within the genera AdhatodaDuvernoiaGendarussaJusticiaRostellaria and Rungia. Justicia flava Justicia californica x 66 – 3k – thb www.

Flora of West Tropical Africa.

Justicia flava

Citation in web searches. Common names include water-willow and shrimp plant, the latter name is derived from the inflorescence, which resembles a shrimp in some species.

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Justicia flava Other species, cultivated in Wild Flowers of Northern South Africa. Kew Bulletin 38 3: Justicia flava Justicia flava – Momella; Tanzania Conservation Status Status None.

The cuttings should be mm long and treated with a growing hormone such as Seridex no. Jsuticia flava Justicia flava 75 x 75 – 3k – jpg www. Kenya Literature Bureau, Nairobi, Kenya. Lignans from Justicia flava. Its nutritional and medicinal properties need more investigation to discover potential value.

Notes on Restio subverticellatus. In Ghana the plant is used internally and externally against fever, yaws and diarrhoea in children. Natal Flora Publications Trust.

BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands. Rate this plant Is this an interesting flaga There are 72 citation in scholarly articles related to Justicia flava Vahl Vahl. A preliminary checklist of the vascular plants of Mozambique.