LEGO set database: King Kahuka’s Throne. Find great deals for Lego – King Kahuka’s throne. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LEGO Pirates Islanders King Kahuka’s Throne (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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But when you add 5 figs in, it makes it a decent price. I don’t know the original price.

Instructions for 6262-1 – King Kahuka’s Throne

That’s right, no stickers to be found here! The backside The complete set! Thanks, and happy building! What a wonderful review with smart showing the right parts and clear pictures.

I want this set now! This is a really nice model. Posted December 23, edited. I love the Islanders and that drum outstanding!

Edited December 23, by Fluyt. Well, it looks like the Pirates walked all over the Islanders and stole their treasure Lots of leyo and accessories! The Minifigs The main buying point of this set for me were the minifigs. Sign In Sign Up. I think this is wonderful.


I wonder who Kahuka’s make-up artist is Posted October 28, Posted November 14, No flaws that I can think of right away. Well, for some weird reason I missed this before, so I tell you now: I really like the Islanders’ torso and leg prints.

King Kahuka’s Throne | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

Erdbeereis1, I’ve had a quick look your review and I must say it’s quite superb! It seems less setup somehow than the instructions these days. Edited August 17, by Erdbeereis.

The leafy skirts are a nice touch and the make-up on the faces is superb. The zebra print tribal drum This is simple but nice. The lovely rock head I think this is wonderful. It looks more like someone snuck up on them while they were going about their duties and snapped away rather than something that was planned.

It won’t be 62662, King Kahuka and his loyal warriors closely guard the treasure 24 hours a day. I have used these zebra-print tiles many times for MOCs, as they make levo great exotic detail piece.


I really like this set and it’s a great addition to the Pirate collection. I don’t think I would enjoy Lego as much if I didn’t have a decent amount of kits from pre This set is pretty standard as Islanders go, but it is such a cool subtheme that I don’t care a bit.

Add to this the great printed pieces and that old Pirate charm, and you get a very nice set that I can certainly recommend. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Outstanding review 66262 well. An outstanding set because who doesn’t love islanders. Sign in Already have an account? Overall, this looks great in my opinion with great landscaping and some fun parts. Not many sets of this size contain so much figs. elgo