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Junio Manejado por: I use the data of the INE which determines the urbanisation degree for every municipality population which lives in urban centres of more than habitants in This high disparity within the same department can be explained by a large disparity between the municipalities of the department.

It can be concluded that there is a catching-up phenomenon bllivia the poorer municipalities in terms of the achievement rate. Kiel Institute for World Economics.

I decide to use certain components of the Unsatisfied Basics Needs ofnamely the housing quality, the energetic intake and the access to health services expressed in percent as well as the proportion of households which have cooking and washing infrastructure at their disposal. The median evolved from Boliviaa expected outside wage is, thus, given by where prob L Mt L Mt-1 is insiders’ transition rate into formal employment.

The variable which is used as the explanatory variable in 204 econometric regression is the accumulated per capita enhanced HIPC disbursement over the period in current bolivianos for of the existing municipalities. Secondly, debt relief can lead to a free-riding behaviour which refers to a situation under which a boilvia tries to gain at the expense of the other creditors. In this model specification, the expected outside wage of insiders is given by We consider a symmetric equilibrium of a closed economy, in which all individuals have identical preferences, and in which union bargaining power, the efficiency wage parameter, the level of technology and the number of non-production workers are equal for all formal firms.

Theory and Evidence for the UK. This positive impact can be easily explained by the fact that the revenue sharing transfers oey the highest municipal transfer.

Indeed the municipalities of Pando received on average higher transfers than the municipalities of the other departments. During the s, however, the favorable employment trend is likely to have been reversed. Inthe government withdrew from interfering in the wage setting of the private sector.


Similarly to the primary schooling rate, a convergence process seems to occur between the municipalities over the period in terms of achievement rate. A series of indicators were defined as well as different targets but only a small number of indicators was effectively published and no data-gathering was undertaken at the municipal level even though the municipalities are the main actors of the poverty reduction plan as designed in the EBRP.

First, the Shea R 2 measures the proportion in which the endogenous variable, the enhanced HIPC resources, is explained by the instrumental variables independently of the direct and indirect effects of the other variables.

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Moreover, I assume that there is no expectation effect. However, data in these areas are not available for the studied period and will only be published for the next census of As concerns the degree of openness Figures 5a and 5bboth the trade index and the capital account liberalization index demonstrate leyy already at the start of its structural reform process boliiva shortly afterwards, Bolivia’s trade regime was relatively liberal.

The convergence model can be applied to the econometric specification. The variation coefficient, which is calculated as the standard deviation to average ratio and measures the relative convergence in terms of the average, followed the same trend between and Las mancomunidades Tomando en cuenta que un municipio puede pertenecer a dos o mas mancomunidades, podemos decir que el municipio de Totora, pertenece boligia la mancomunidad cabeceras del amazonas y a la mancomunidad del cono sur.

The Ley de Inversiones Investment Act of strengthened the rights of foreign investors by providing guarantees against non-commercial risk as well as equal treatment for domestic and foreign investors. In this section I will describe the methodology used to estimate the impact of the enhanced HIPC resources on the evolution of the schooling and the achievement rate between and Estacionalidad ; Muestra las temporadas de visitas dentro de toda la estructura de calendario, determinando la temporada ideal para visitar el sitio.

We argue, however, that this empirical model is not applicable for our purposes for two reasons.

ley general de turismo bolivia pdf to word – PDF Files

On the one hand, Haskel and Szymanski argue that a shift from public to private ownership changes the objective function of the privatized entity. The purpose of this article is to analyse the impact of debt relief programs on poverty reduction in Bolivia by focusing bolvia the enhanced HIPC initiative.


Even worse, the regional economic downturn especially in Argentina and Brazil in the wake of the Russian Crisis inpushed the export-to-GDP ratio even below its pre-reform level. Furthermore, the results do not change if I add other control variables poverty bplivia by the life expectancy at birth, municipality size measured by the number of habitants in Si bien el I.

Turismo, Hostelería, Gastronomía y Restauración

Schooling Rate in the Primary School. Tacachi Recursos Naturales y Medio Ambiente. N 0 Las tierras se clasifican de acuerdo a su capacidad de uso mayor y de acuerdo a las prescripciones del Ordenamiento Territorial. Toco No Existen programas No existe 4. El segundo sector de acceso a Incalllacta y los valles de Pocona esta estructurado por una red vial de caminos de tierra, que relacionan a los sitios de atracciones existentes de acuerdo al siguiente detalle:.

ley de turismo bolivia pdf reader – PDF Files

The statistical model is the following one: The Theoretical Model 2. Starting from a below-average general structural reform index init had caught up to the regional average by and overtaken all other Latin American countries by The stationary variable stays close to the determined rate and shows a constant distribution over time.

Inthe original HIPC initiative which was judged insufficient to reach external debt sustainability was extended under the enhanced HIPC initiative.

Following Blanchard and Giavazzithese reforms are introduced in a highly abstract fashion. La tercera fase esta determinada por la let de los yungas de Chuquioma por el Sr. I use the two stage least squares from now on 2SLS 21 or instrumental variables from now on IV estimation method and include instrumental variables for the endogenous variable.

The higher the proportion of Indians in the municipality, the higher its schooling rate increases over the period. On the other hand, the Bolivian labor index fell far short of the average index value of the region throughout the entire observation period.