Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run) () Movie Script. Read the Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run) full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to. 1. Lola rennt ist ein neuer deutscher Film. Kennen Sie andere deutsche Filme? Wenn ja, welche? 2. Welche Themen erwarten Sie in einem deutschen Film? 3. lola rennt. Filmregisseur: Tom Tykwer. Drehbuch: Tom Tykwer. Hauptdarsteller: Franka Potente Lola. Moritz Bleibtreu Manni. Darsteller: Die Zitate I.

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I don’t give a shit, you stupid cow! And then I’m afraid. I’ve never even been afraid before. Watch it, you stupid cow!

Filmografische Angaben

You were not there — Then what? I’m so tired of being blamed for everything! I’m leaving you guys and I’m marrying another woman. It wasn’t my fault, Manni. renjt


I kept a carton of cigarettes once. And always the same answer? You aren’t taking me seriously. Place your bets, please. I went to see that cyclops, and drehbuhc was finished in no time.

Where are we going? Ronnie said they make grand a day so they must have grand by noon.

Come out with your hands up. We’re going to have kids.

I’ll stay with him. Who is ”your feelings” anyway? This film does not use a large amount of dialogue, instead the story is told through images, symbols and motifs. I’ll get the money somehow.

Leave your daddy alone. Just tell me what happened, okay? I’m so sick of hearing ”All you do is work.


So I lopa, it’d be best for me not to have kids. When I noticed, it was too late. I’ll go over to Boile and get that grand. Lola, there are cameras everywhere. Stay put, I’m coming! Suddenly, these inspectors showed up. This isn’t a joke! I have other problems.


Our little princess, Lola! No, I need lots more. These themes are conveyed through the use of cinematic techniques such as camera shots and angles, editing, animation and background music. My boyfriend, for over a year! They paid and that was it. Please let me in! This is the nicest present you could give me. And I got out like always. I got waved across the border and then they dropped me off out there. What’s going on here today?