His treatise, De voluptate (), voiced Epicurean and Christian hedonist ideas that Lorenzo Valla was born in Rome, Italy, around Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. circulated in under the name De voluptate (On Pleasure), later restyled as 6 John Monfasani, ‘The Theology of Lorenzo Valla’, in Humanism and Early.

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Valla thus treats Epicureanism as a stepping-stone to the development of a Christian morality based on the re of pleasure, and repudiates the traditional synthesis of Stoicism and Christianity, popular among scholastics and humanists alike. I say that both sides of the argument – that of virtue and the right and that of pleasure – ought to be both approved and disapproved.

And this suavity will be so intimately diffused through all the body, even to the marrow of our bones, that even if all other things were lacking, yet you could be satisfied with this. The fiercest aggressor was Poggio Bracciolini, who lorenzi only pointed out errors of style in Valla’s works, but accused him of the most degrading vices. Lorenzo was educated in Rome, attending the classes of eminent teachers, among them Leonardo Bruni and Giovanni Aurispafrom whom he learned Latin and Greek.

Similarly, Politian held that there….

Many of his criticisms of established ideas were pedantic and quibbling, but some were penetrating. That this program only began to be carried out….

Lorenzo Valla | Italian humanist |

I myself have followed your procedure as best I could. A new critical edition of his complete works was launched in He is careful, hardworking, and honest in administrative affairs; how can we do better than to assign the administration of our state to him?

For Valla, the world consists of things, simply called res. That you should have spoken like some of the ancient philosophers came at the right time, and I took it without objections. But for him there is only one proper method of carrying out such a study: It is almost impossible to form a just estimate of Valla’s private life and character owing to the clouds of dust which were stirred up by this and other controversies, in which the most virulent and obscene language was employed.


If he is bad, why should you accuse someone who is unconcerned by such a charge?

Valla wandered from one university to another, accepting short engagements and lecturing in many cities. Religious considerations also led Valla to find fault with another fundamental tenet of Aristotelian scholastic thought: Annotazioni sul testo latino del Nuovo Testamento, a commentary on the philology of the New Testament, concentrated more on the use of Latin than the meaning of the texts.

Virtuous behavior as we Christians understand it, however, is the same as I have said it foluptate in the first place, before the other conceptions of it: InValla was compelled to resign his professorship after publishing an open letter attacking the jurist Bartolo and mocking the scholastic system of jurisprudence. The form of the argument is less important.

Lorenzo Valla (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Vo,uptate Quintilian, he stresses that the nature of syllogistic reasoning is to establish proof. Opera omniaBasel ; repr. In his Elegantiae linguae Latinaean advanced handbook of Latin language and style, he gave the humanist program some of its most trenchant and combative formulations, bringing the study of Latin to an unprecedented level.

In doing so he brought a new dimension of scholarship to the humanist movement. Dialectical DisputationsB. Thus it is said: Why have you spoken as though you were not a Christian when you are one? First, the humanist study of Stoicism, Epicureanism, skepticism, and Neoplatonism widened the philosophical horizon and eroded faith in the universal truth of Aristotelian philosophy—an essential preparatory stage for the rise of early modern thought.

I am not concerned about your talking of the immortal gods. Moreover, and worst of all, they are enraged at the very persons from whom they have received the benefit of correction. Because virtuous behavior is difficult, requiring voluptatr to put up with harsh and bitter afflictions, no one naturally and voluntarily seeks virtue as an end in itself. Why are we glad to be considered good, just, active?

An important way of seeing through deceptive arguments is to consider the weight of words carefully, and Valla gives some further examples of fallacies which can easily be refuted by examining the meaning and usage of words and the contexts in which they occur Repastinatio—; — You, as I said, were a simulator or an ironist – more Socrates than Epicurus; but Catone, whose speech seemed to come closer to the truth, no doubt spoke seriously and did not begin the debate as a joke.


The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here:. The matter is debated by a number of eminent orators, poets and vwlla and, at the end, it is agreed that Christianity provides the best way of achieving the good life.

De vero falsoque bonoM. Here is what comes to my mind after having thought at length and deeply on this problem.

Aulus Gellius, Noctes Atticae, 5. Among many other indications of this preeminence, there is one in the Acts of the Apostles, where only the Epicureans and Stoics are remembered; at that time they seem to have flourished more than all other philosophical vlouptate in Athens, home of studies and nurse of philosophy.

But we must remember that whatever is of highest excellence is usually not only most difficult but also most dangerous.

Valla’s case was so convincingly argued that it still stands today, and the illegitimacy of the Donation of Constantine is generally conceded. To that world I concede humane letters, the study of doctrines, and – always most important – eloquence; I deny, however, that the ancients arrived at wisdom and the knowledge of true virtue.

Lorenzo Valla

The work was an aggressive criticism of scholasticism and of monastic asceticism, and it provoked a hostile response. What the scholastics forget, he thinks, is that there were many alternatives in antiquity to the supposedly great master, many sects, and many other types of philosopher.

Thus the soul, which the ancients said has the energy of a flame, differs between men and animals. And because virtue is painful and vice tempting, one may easily slide from the one into the other, unlike knowledge, which does not turn into ignorance all of a sudden. Of course, Lorezo does not deny that we can speak of quantity or time or place.

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