Read the instruction manual carefully before starting the pump. • These pumps may .. vid sådana tillfällen skyddas med någon form av hylsa. • Smörj samtliga. timely basis, you may not be able to vote by giving instructions to the depositary. Imsa transaction, to refinance existing indebtness of Grupo Imsa and Hylsa. Reporte Anual , Monterrey, Mexico: Hylsa. Oslo Manual: Guidelines for Collecting and Interpreting Technological Innovation Data, 3rd Edition, Paris.

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Main wash, liquid detergent or bleachingagent Water connections Overflow drain Water connections Compartment 3; Rinse To washing drum 3 Intentionally blank Press down the drift to the bottom.

If the machine can start with the door open, or can continue to operate with the door unlocked, the hylxa interlock is no longer operating properly.

La maquina no manuzl ser operado por ninos. If the water is very hard, check whether there are lime deposits on the heating elements.

Hitachi DV 20VC Handling Instructions Manual (Page 4 of 26)

Programme unit Al The steam valve is controlled by the programme unit A1. Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings 42 17 Fig. Then it is easier to pull off the pulley. A separate printed circuit board, called door lock control, can be fitted onto the programme unit. The text “Up” on the rear gable must be pointing upwards. Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings 42 6 Fig.


Jumper I no heat.

A burned out motor can be re-wound. Heating contactor K21 Fig. The contactor s is are placed in the rear control unit. Don’t push too far as the hylsq can break. See the door interlock section of the manual. Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings Service Manual 5, Fig.

Filtring till hylsa, vevhus. FM38. 1-8

Disconnect the pressure hose from the lower part of the valve. Check low water level for prewash and main wash according to the illustration. The drain, water valves, heater and motor cannot now be switched on. Level guard B2 Fig. Door and door lock Function V AC: It is easier if the pulley is slightly heated. Input Function Pin 1: A liquid-filled cable capillary tube runs from the sensor to the thermostat, located in the automatic control unit.

Insert this information in the space provided on the previous page of this manual. The card has separate checks for empty drum and stopped drum.

Machine presentation Door lock Fig. Pressa uylsa gaveln i botten. Remove the front cover alt. This machine must be securely bolted to the floor according to the installation instructions. Thermostat Data 1 Range off-on approx. Fit the rubber bellows onto the sleeve coupling. Undo the hose clamp holding the valve rubber bellows against the sleeve coupling of the outer drum. Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings Service Manual 16, Fig.


JVC KW NT30E NT30[E] User Manual LVT A

These jumpers can be moved or removed to obtain new functions for the hysla programs. As the gas is flammable, do not smoke or use an open flame during this time. Undo and remove the motor mounting bolts. Door and door lock Contents Description When pressed, any error codes are erased.

Jumper on H for the machines WN, W without inlet valve Y35 will give cold inlet Y15 instead and for the machines WN, W without inlet valve Y35 will give cold inlet Y11 in compartment 1 instead.

Lift out the motor. The timer rapid advances the first rinse.