patent application regarding the extraction of radiant energy, written twenty years later, is the culmination of the journey that Tom. Bearden and John Bedini have. : Free Energy Generation–Circuits and Schematics: 20 Bedini- Bearden Years () by Tom Bearden and a great selection of. 20 Bedini-Bearden Years Free Energy Generation Special thanks to all the groups who kept the faith. John Bedini discharging the radiant energy from the.

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Bearden claims in this work that the Soviet Union developed scalar electromagnetic technology during the Cold War. Included are circuit diagrams, oscilloscope traces, the works! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

I wish John Bedini, Tom Bearden, and all of you the best. The images speak for themselves, as John Bedini’s Sunday lecture and the unveiling of the stunning new motor provide a fitting tribute to Tom Bearden’s 80th birthday.

And what does that show you? Edward Courtney Gainer marked it as to-read Dec 21, This DVD is truly historic. The DVD series gets increasingly into the technical how-to as it goes along — especially in filming workbench demonstrations by John Bedini. This, as I have shown, can be done by properly tuning the yearz with more than one battery on the back end, or by placing Energizer coils on the freely running wheel and charging up additional batteries or loads, or even the front end load.

Some of it bedini-bearddn back over a century. Bedini also shows how gold, rubies and silver were often the unwitting byproduct of his transmutation experiments, results that for the most part can be predicted from Russell’s science. Bruno Fissori marked it as to-read Oct 23, Going beyond the merely physical, he also touches on states of bedini-beaden, meditation, and how these affect our ability to perceive and use subtle energy. And he had the documentation to support this prodigious knowledge.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’m running it with an el-cheapo Walmart 12V lawn tractor battery and I have a non-working 12V motorcycle battery and non-working 12V lawn tractor battery being charged. For those who 2 pressing for more details, here they are. Remember, the SSG setup was the bare bones basics to show you something. A sandanor third-degree black belt, is hard-won in any martial art and is the culmination of many years of sustained effort.

This book is truly historic bedink-bearden is going to blow the mind of any one open minded enough to read, consider, and experiment. Alas, hope springs eternal, and I imagine that this book will spur yet more countless thousands of man-hours in the pursuit.

Hayden, ID Phone: I have turned the 1k pot both ways.

Free Energy Generation: Circuits & Schematics

I am convinced that he is brilliant, as is Bearden and I am equally confident that they both mean bedni-bearden and that they personally believe that they are on the cusp of achieving a positive energy solution for humanity. Included are circuit diagrams, oscilloscope traces, the works! John Bedini Discussion threads relating to John Bedini.

Included are circuit diagrams, oscilloscope traces, the works! Great color pictures, schematics and write up. In an almost magical dance, the attacker goes cartwheeling through the air while, paradoxically, the defender seems nearly stationary.

I’m not even convinced that John himself has achieved this objective.

Guy Eric rated it it was amazing Jan 24, The explanations are the clearest I have seen yet, and are very well developed. Daniel Sheehan who co-hosted the two conferences, gives us a tour of the field as seen through the mainstream eyes of an honest seeker of the truth.


I recently purchased and read the Thomas Bearden book “Free Energy Generation – 20 Bedini-Bearden years” with Circuits and Schematics, Second Editionand I am interested in setting up a line of dialog with others who have read this book and have built or are building the devices. The whole book is generously illustrated with color photographs of John and Tom taken in the Bedini lab over the 20 years, and the classic Bedini monograph is printed on commemorative antiqued paper.

This book examines the energy recovery techno This information has been the most candid, and informative I have seen on the subject of free energy ever. Notify me of new posts by email.

The discussion then turns to the celebrated anti-gravity experiments, about which Tom spares no details.

Energy from the Vacuum is stylin’

Free Energy Generation contains the ideation, theory and their latest joint patent for the generation of this energy from the vacuum. The waveform would skew in one direction, then disappear completely. After removing the rod, I have to disconnect, then reconnect the circuit to get the waveforms back again. There are some minor typos in the back article, the opto pin outs have the emitter and collector pins backwards, and their is a NPN in one of the schematics with a PNP part number.