44 Advantage of vacuum CB * Used up to 66 KV. * Vacuum is highly dielectric, so arc can’t persists. * Separation of contacts causes the release of metal vapour. Source:Electric Substation Types The main purposes for establishment of a substation are: * Need for connecting a generator to the transmission system: We . Replacement of the existing 7 MVA (2 MVA & 5 MVA 66kV: kV transformers) switchyard with a new 66 kV switchyard consisting of two new 10 MVA DSC

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Registration Forgot your password? Sometimes they are used for switching the current to back-up lines or for parallelizing circuits in case of failure. If no transformers are required for increasing the voltage to transmission level, the substation is a switching station. So, only used as a back-up.

Electrified railways also use substations, often distribution substations. It resembles a distribution substation although power flow is in the opposite direction, from many wind turbines up into the transmission grid.

Substations generally have switching, protection and control equipment, and transformers. Instead of bare conductors, bus and apparatus are built into pressurized tubular containers filled with sulfur hexafluoride SF 6 gas. The magnitude of the k.v.awitchyard transformer outputs may be used to trip the circuit breaker resulting in a disconnection of the load supplied by the circuit break from the feeding point.

They are used to isolate or deenergize equipment for. For medium-voltage distribution substations, metal-enclosed switch gear may be used and no live conductors exposed at all. Behind the Fake Buildings that Power Chicago”. The 11KV Switchgear shall be installed inside the substation building. The word substation comes from the days before the distribution system became a grid.

Substations themselves do not usually have generators, although a power plant may have a substation nearby. Power-line carriermicrowave radiofiber optic cables as well as dedicated wired remote control circuits have all been applied to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA for substations. Once past the switching components, the lines of a given voltage connect to one or more buses.


However, when the apparatus to be protected is of utmost importance e.

66 KV Switchyard | HMEL

De-energizing faulty equipment protects it from further damage, and isolating a fault helps keep the rest of the electrical grid operating with stability. In some cases, the lines will not have both, with either a switch or a circuit breaker being all that is considered necessary. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Currents flowing in the Earth’s surface during a fault can cause metal objects to have a significantly different voltage than the ground under a person’s feet; this touch potential presents a hazard of electrocution.

.v.switchyard transformers serve a number of functions in a power system.

Distributed k.v.switchuard control at substations is one element of the so-called smart grid. Breaking Capacity Max fault current at which a CB is capable of breaking a circuit.

Electrical substation

It is a switching station which has the following credits: Sensitivity – Ability of the relay to operate with low value of actuating quantity. A mobile substation is a substation on wheels, containing a transformer, breakers and buswork mounted on a self-contained semi-trailermeant to be pulled by a truck. Rajendra Kumar Choudhury Branch: Substations may be on the surface k.v.zwitchyard fenced enclosures, underground, or located in special-purpose buildings.

A compact substation is generally an outdoor substation built in a metal enclosure, in which each item of the electrical equipment is located very near to each other to create a relatively smaller footprint size of the substation. In this case the generators from the power station supply their power into the yard onto the Generator Bus on one side of the yard, and the transmission lines take their power from a Feeder Bus on the other side of the k.v.swichyard.

Sometimes they are also transmission substations or collector substations if the railway network also operates its own grid and generators to supply the other stations.


List of electricity sectors Electric energy consumption. Indoor substations may be gas-insulated switchgear at high voltagesor metal-enclosed or metal-clad switchgear at lower voltages.

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They are designed to be compact for travel on public roads, and are used for temporary backup in times of natural disaster or war. The battery charger shall be thyristor controlled installed inside control room building ad should be compatible with SCADA System.

The switchgears shall be equipped with Vacuum circuit breaker. Mobile substations are usually rated much lower than permanent installations, and may be built in several units to meet road travel limitations.

Substations may be described by their voltage class, their applications within the power system, the method used to insulate most connections, and by the style and materials of the structures used.

Once having established buses for the various voltage levels, transformers may be connected between the voltage levels. Circuit Breakers and Recloser. Early efforts to remote control substations used dedicated communication wires, often run alongside power circuits.

As central generation stations became larger, smaller generating plants were converted to distribution stations, receiving their energy supply from a larger plant instead of using their own generators.

66 KV Switchyard

Restriking Voltage —After the arc has been extinguished, the voltage across the breaker terminals does not normalize instantaneously but it oscillates The transient voltage which appears across the breaker contacts at the instant of arc being extinguished. A transmission substation connects two or more transmission lines.

We think you have liked this presentation. A grounding earthing system must be designed.