El absceso hepático amebiano puede ser una enfermedad emergente en España a causa de la inmigración y los viajes a países endémicos. Su tratamiento. Ciencias Médicas. Enero-febrero, ; 19(1): Absceso hepático amebiano, presentación atípica. An atypical presentation of amoebic hepatic abscess. Abstract. VIASUS PEREZ, Diego F.; PINILLA, Análida E. and LOPEZ, Myriam C.. Immunology of the amebic liver abscess. Rev. salud pública [online]. , vol.6 .

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Ann Intern Med, 93pp. A clinical comparison of amebic and pyogenic abscess of the liver in sixty-six patients. Parasitism by Entamoeba histolytica in developed countries occurs in specific population subgroups: Central catecholamine depletion inhibits peripheral lymphocyte responsiveness in spleen and blood. Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence to innate immune response cells in hepatic parenchyma hdpatico E.

No significant difference was observed in density of NK cells. No significant differences were observed on NK cells in analysed groups.

For the immunofluorescence studies, first amebjano autofluorescence was eliminated placing the slides for 10 minutes in a solution of 50 mM ammonium chloride in PBS pH 8. Salto 1R. Ann Rev Med, 32pp. We studied the effects of sympathetic innervation in the development of amebic liver abscess ALA in rats. Statistical analyses were performed with Prism software version 3. The origin of the abscess was biliary in 13 cases, phlebitis of the portal vein in 5, spread of infection from previous liver lesions in 5, haematogenic in 4, by contiguity in 3, and 15 of unknown origin.


Am J Gastroenterol ; The microbiologic hepatici is based on the detection of the parasite in the abscess aspirate, although this is an uncommon finding due to the necrotic nature of the abscess De todas maneras, el tratamiento con metronidazol se debe emplear en todos los pacientes, tal como lo efectuamos en nuestros casos, independientemente de si se asocie o no un procedimiento invasivo.

After incubation, slides were washed 3 times with PBS-Tween for 10 min. The percutaneous aspiration and drainage of ALA is controversial.

Finally, immune-stained cells were counted and analyzed as previously described. Reciprocal regulation of the neural and innate immune systems. The risk of rupture is higher in left-lobe abscesses, due to hepatoco smaller size of this lobe and the lack of space for a growing mass 2. A short review of the pathogenesis, clinical signs, diagnosis and management of the entity is included. Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin ; However, chemical sympathectomy developed scarce and diffuse collagen accumulation in abscesses Fig.

Inmunología del absceso hepático amebiano

Chest, 79pp. In the case of amebic liver infection, the role of humoral immunity in protection has not been well established but it is important in seroidemiological studies and for diagnostic methods.

The percutaneous aspiration can cause the superinfection of the ALA, so it should be avoided in those cases amebiaho no indication. Moreover, it has been suggested that nitric oxide is an amebicidal compound produced by macrophages, at the same time, in susceptible animals it has found a decrease of cytotoxic activity of macrophages correlated with a decreased expression of mRNA for iNOS and TNF-a Seydel et al.

Manuscripts will be submitted electronically using the following web site: There is often leukocytosis and abnormal liver profile.


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In developed countries such as the United States, it is unusual and is most commonly seen in immigrants from and travelers to developing countries 2. Differences were tested between groups using the t-student test and Tukey mean comparison. Eosinophils E appeared in the nearness of the damaged area, typically numerous eosinophilic electron-dense granules were presented in cytoplam; furthermore, red blood cells rbc demonstrated local vascular congestion Fig.

Therefore, the submission of manuscripts written in either Spanish or English is welcome. The most commonly used antibiotic combination were third generation cephalosporins with metronidazole, alone or with aminoglycosides 17 casesimipenem or piperacillin-tazobactam 16and aminoglycosides with metronidazole 5.

Mortality rates and mean hospital stay are shown in table IV. An early and accurate diagnosis avoids a higher morbi-mortality, as the treatment for ALA differs from that of the pyogenic abscess. Postgrad Med ; There are small series of cases and isolated cases described in the literature Neutrophils and macrophages are gradually replaced by epithelioid cells developing a granuloma, structure organized within 7 days upon infection Tsutsumi et al.

Seven patients had a good response to medical treatment, 6 needed percutaneous drainage, and 3 required surgery.

Neuroendocrine regulation of immunity. El tratamiento efectuado se muestra en la tabla III. Med Clin Bar ;