AFI 91-207 PDF

d Air Base Wing – Home of America’s Arctic Warriors. References. •. DoDI – DoD Traffic Safety Program. •. AFI – USAF Traffic Safety Program. AFI is published! In an effort to ensure users have their questions and concerns addressed, we will post the most frequently asked questions through the. Air Force Motorcycle Rider Information. Training: According to AFI dated 12 Sept, , Motorcycle safety training is not intended to meet state, territory.

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A long sleeve shirt shall be past the elbow while the rider’s hands are on the handlebar grips. All persons who ride a bicycle on an AF installation shall properly wear an approved e. This section reserved 4. Individuals are not authorized to adi, run or walk on roadways during high traffic density and peak traffic periods.

All xfi bike or off-road motorcycle riders must complete appropriate Level I off-road training e. The Air Force is not required to pay for riders to attend this mandatory training. Vehicles on receipt to, and operated by, non-DoD persons or agencies and activities such as the U. This instruction applies to all people in or on moving motor vehicles and bicycles on Air Force installations, Air Force employees operating a motor vehicle conducting official duties off base, Air Force military personnel including Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard on Federal Service at all 19-207 regardless of location, and foreign students in training with the Air Force who wfi complete applicable traffic safety courses.

Sandals, low quarter sneakers, and similar footwear will not be used.

AFI 91-207 Traffic Safety Program

Untrained motorcycle riders, meeting the criteria in paragraph 1. Installation traffic safety programs will require the use of child safety seats consistent with state, territory, or host nation laws. The Traffic Safety Program’s goal is to prevent or reduce frequency and severity of vehicular mishaps involving Air Force personnel, equipment, and operations. Commercial design vehicles of foreign manufacture purchased, leased, or rented for use outside the United States and U.

All riders must complete level I training prior to attending any advanced 91-20 motorcycle training.


Speed-modified golf cars have a top speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour. Seat belts shall be maintained in a serviceable condition and shall be readily available for driver and passenger use. Safety personnel will utilize USAF developed or provided courseware. For the purpose of this instruction the use of the term motor scooter only refers to motor vehicles defined by and authorized to be used in traffic by applicable traffic codes and laws.

Institute aggressive public information and education campaigns to combat impaired af. In addition to driver afii and training requirements under DoD Riders should select PPE that incorporates fluorescent colors and retro-reflective material. It is your 991-207 to operate these types of vehicles in compliance with all applicable codes and laws”. These are sold to golf courses. The course will specifically address safety rules for operation of motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters, and bicycles.

Unless authorized by State laws, the Installation Traffic Code, or by an Installation Commander’s signed policy memorandum, all RMVs are prohibited from use on installation public access roadways.

Seat Belts and Occupant Restraints. Where state or local laws 91-07 special licenses to operate privately owned motorized 9-207 mopedsmotor scooters, all-terrain vehicles ATVsor other recreational motor vehicle RMVsuch license requirements, as a minimum, shall apply to operation of those vehicles on AF installations.

Applicable laws and regulations. Helmet Local policy may differ.

The traffic use of low-speed vehicles is not an “as safe” alternative to use of commercially designed vehicles.

Additional, minimum personal protective equipment, such as knee wfi, wrist guards, elbow pads, etc. This is an instructor led course.

afi 91-207 working draft

Commercial design vehicles which are purchased, leased or rented by the Air Force for use in the United States and U. Foreign-national, indirect-hire employees are the same as DAF civilian employees only when the Air Force has supervisory or work performance control.

You can be the best rider in the world, but you cannot control the actions of everyone else on the road. Pending completion of initial training, commanders may authorize operators who possess a valid motorcycle license, endorsement or riders permit to ride subject to any restrictions imposed by such license, endorsement, or permit.

The operator of a GMV is responsible for informing all passengers of applicable safety belt, child safety seat, and personal protective requirements of this instruction. Also not included are motorcycles, mopeds, seated motor scooters and motor assisted bicycles authorized by applicable traffic codes to be used in traffic.


afi working draft

All riders of avi and ATVs during off-road operations should also wear knee, shin guards and padded full-fingered gloves. Operators of motorcycles with attached sidecars, three wheeled motorcycles, and motor scooters must attend the classroom portion of an MSF course but are exempt from the riding portion.

This includes all off-road vehicles categorized by DoDI The follow-on training must target the type of motorcycle the Marine owns or operates. Sturdy over the ankle footwear that affords protection for the feet and ankles shall be worn. Failure to use occupant protective devices, i.

All persons listed in paragraph 1. Commanders are encouraged, as a minimum, to make this course mandatory for personnel convicted of serious moving traffic violations or who have been determined to be at fault in a traffic accident involving a GMV. All Marine personnel must obtain a valid state motorcycle license or a motorcycle endorsement on their state drivers’ license before operating a motorcycle on any street or public roadway in accordance with reference “d” of MCO 91207 instruction applies to motor vehicle operators, passengers, and all persons as follows: The intent of this chapter is to assist commanders in developing local traffic codes and to identify minimum safety standards for government and non-government motor vehicles and motorized transportation devices.

Curriculum may be augmented with supplemental information and materials.

Each installation shall establish procedures to ensure compliance; to include administrative or disciplinary action. Installations located in States will apply and enforce the State laws regarding standards for motor vehicles in traffic as described in DoDI Included in the definition are motor vehicle parking lots, flight line vehicle areas, and controlled compounds where designated roads continue into or through the area.

The vehicles will comply with local, State, U.