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These conditions are thought of in terms of domination, a domination being that which defines a set. Badiou thereby marks out a philosophy by which to refute the apparent relativism or apoliticism in post-structuralist thought.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Art is immanent in the sense that its truth is given in its immediacy in a given work of art, and singular in that its truth is found in art and art alone—hence reviving the ancient materialist concept of “aesthesis”.

The property ‘one’ is always dominated by ‘not one’. Elogoi results from the axiom of foundation — or the axiom of regularity — which enacts such a prohibition cf. According to Badiou, truth procedures proceed to infinity, such that faith fidelity outstrips knowledge. Through this maintenance of fidelity, truth has the potentiality to emerge.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Johannes Thumfart argues that Badiou’s philosophy can be regarded as a contemporary reinterpretation of Platonism.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. However, secondly, this prohibition prompts him to introduce the event.

An example of a critique from a mathematician’s point of view is the essay ‘Badiou’s Number: Archived from the original on 28 March Badiou has a very rigorous notion of truth, one that is strongly against the grain of much of contemporary European thought. Archived from the original on 25 May Only the philosopher sees in the true lover’s love the unfolding of a truth.


Badiou uses the axioms of Zermelo—Fraenkel set theory to identify the relationship of being to history, Nature, the State, and God. Badiou argues for resurrecting the practice of communism.

Retrieved 23 April Set theoryphilosophy of mathematicsmetapoliticsontologypsychoanalysis. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Alain Badiou

On the Politics of Resistance” [ permanent dead link ] badioj, with Simon Critchley. This organization disbanded inaccording to the French Wikipedia article linked to in the previous sentence. A Dialogue in 16 Chapterstransl. An Introduction to the Materialist Epistemology of Mathematicstransl. Badiou’s use of set theory in this manner is not just illustrative or heuristic.

Most significantly this use means that as with set theory there is a strict prohibition on self-belonging; a set cannot contain or belong to itself. One does not necessarily need to refer to constructible language to conceive of a ‘set of dominations’, which badiu refers to as the indiscernible set, or the generic set. While Badiou is keen to reject an equivalence between politics and philosophy, he correlates nonetheless his political activism and skepticism toward the parliamentary-democratic process with his philosophy, based around ammor, situated truths, and potential revolutions.

Columbia University Press, Controversies: For Badiou the problem which the Greek tradition of philosophy has faced and never satisfactorily dealt with is that while beings themselves are plural, and thought in terms of multiplicity, being itself is thought to be singular; that is, it is thought in terms of the one.


Verso, Plato’s Republic: This section possibly contains original research. Continuum, [25] Briefings akain Existence: For Badiou, it is by positioning oneself to the truth of an event that a human animal becomes a subject ; subjectivity is laain an inherent human trait.

Continuum, Polemicstransl.

Alain Badiou – Wikipedia

Truth and wlain Return to Philosophytransl. This article’s further reading may not follow Wikipedia’s content policies or guidelines. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

This is why Badiou accords set theory the axioms of which he refers to as badjou “ideas of the multiple” such stature, and refers to mathematics as the very place of ontology: When philosophy does suture itself to one of its conditions and Badiou argues that the history of philosophy during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is primarily a history of sutureswhat results is a philosophical “disaster.

Verso, The Centurytransl.

This axiom states that every non-empty set A contains an element y that is disjoint from De. A Short Treatise on Transitory Ontologytransl. Bloomsbury, Ahmed the Philosopher: As is implied in the title of the book, two elements mark the thesis of Being and Event: Political Action and the Organisation Politique”.