In his last work, Alan Watts treats the Chinese philosophy of Tao in much the . What I got from The Watercourse Way was how utterly fucking cool Taoism is. In his later years, Alan Watts, noted author and respected authority on Zen and Eastern thought, turned his attention to Taoism. In this book, he draws on his own . This book by Alan Watts was given to me by my mentor before I left the States to It provides background knowledge on the Chinese Taoism.

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And this is the great problem of Western civilization, not only of Western civilization, but really all civilization, because what civilization is, is a very complex arrangement in which we have used symbols – that is to say words, numbers, figures, concepts to represent the real world of nature, like we use money to represent wealth, and like we measure energy with the clock.

August 3, at 1: But it only lasted 10 years, and broke up upon his death. They don’t really have any name for what it is that is, really and basically. From one point of view, change is just too bad. It is a convenience so that I can arrange to meet you at the corner of Main and lst, or whatever it is, at 4 o’clock.

What Is Tao? by Alan W. Watts

The next chapters were on the fundamental mindset of Taoism polarity, wu-wei, and teand I believe reading this text is an apt starting point toward reading the original tzoismo Te Ching. Oct 30, Tony rated it really liked it Taiosmo But you see, when a religion and a culture are inseperable, it’s very difficult to export a culture, because it comes into conflict with the established traditions, manners, and customs of other people. On the whole, the book was a nice read, and in fact I found the simple language an simple images Watts’ used to be more conducive to conveying the central message of Taoism and instructing one in how to follow the Tao.


I remember one night when I suddenly alzn that Kanon was incarnate in the whole city of Kyoto, that this whole city was Kanon, that the police department, the taxi drivers, the fire department, the shopkeepers, in so far as this whole city was a collaborate effort to sustain human life, however bumbling, however inefficient, however corrupt, it was still a manifestation of Kanon, with its thousand arms, all working independantly, and yet as one.

The word used to mean ‘junior buddha,’ someone on the way to becoming a buddha.

What Is Tao?

It seems we want and get pleasure from looking at the peaks, but actually this denies our pleasure, becuase secretly we know that every peak is followed by a valley. But sometimes, you see, there comes into the world ala you might call a ‘big buddha.

Or is the group one and three receding from or approaching towards two? It isn’t determined; that is a philosophical notion.

Books by Alan W. Paperback1st editionpages. Intuition and Fire remain to be classed wwatts Diamonds, for intuition is the spiritual faculty which compliments Sensation, the sensual or material faculty. They’ll be the same shape, they’ll have the same botanical characteristics. And we have the satts, therefore, of our lives as something that is constantly flowing away from us. Or like we measure with yards or with inches.

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Middle wade way of understanding the dharma. And aln as I write that I realize that’s probably a very Westernized approach to the subject of Taoism, I’ll have to work on it.

What is important is this: I suppose you made instant coffee because you were in too much of a hurry to be concerned with the preparation of a beautiful coffee mixture.

It would be the same, for example, if you had the privilege of dreaming any dream you wanted to dream when you went to sleep at night. The Watercourse Way that Watts passed on before he could finish it.

Tao: The Watercourse Way

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: By opening up and being receptive watst life, we can experience it so much more fully and truly enjoy it. Want watt Read Currently Reading Read. Because we, as a highly technological civilization, with enormous power over nature, really need to consider time. It is all the same process. Then you find out in the course of going around being aware all of the time–what are you doing when you remember?

That relationship may be attraction or repulsion, of love or fear, or of balance between the two which is called indifference. And then the world was created and of course the world fell apart, and so in the middle of time, the second person of the Trinity incarnated himself taoisno Jesus Christ to save mankind, and established the Church.