Absolution Gap (spoilers!) Warning: this page has many spoilers for Revelation Space, Chasm City, Redemption Ark and Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds. Absolution Gap Alastair Reynolds Victor Gollancz UK Hardcover First ISBN Publication Date: Pages; £ Date Reviewed. Alastair Reynolds continues his Revelation Space series with this “first-rate work of science fiction, a thoroughly modern space opera full of dangers and marvels.

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I know reynolcs post is pretty negative, but honestly I think that the first two books are completely amazing in their own right. Some possibilities might be:. Grand Canyon Cliffhangers, on the other hand, present a brisk plot cut off at an importune point. Other books in the series. I don’t geynolds I ever hated one as much as I hate Skade here. I guess the difference of opinion is our Absolution Gap.

Beware of the Leopard.

Some minds aalastair beautiful, others not so much. As a series, this is among the best SF I have read. Clavain is staring across an ocean on planet Ararat. Lists with This Book.

Absolution Gap (spoilers!)

Apr 10, Jason rated it did not like it Shelves: It’s like global warming, your little flourescent bulb isn’t going to do shit, so why worry? Message scifi and let your friendly mods know! Revelation Space 3 books. I do not believe planets simply cease to exist without a good reason. The prominence of “Redemption” for many of the characters is handled both interestingly and with care. A great aladtair of “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Scorpio’s done well, but finds himself confronted with an arrival on Ararat that calls for Clavain’s presence. I’ve so far listened to all of the Revelation Space books on audio, and all of them have been narrated by John Lee.

Where the first 2 excelled, character development, this book was really missing. As Reynolds introduces the lighthugger Nostalgia for Infinity and her crew, as the careful construction of his multi-layered plot unfolds, readers can enjoy his ability to always provide just the right level of detail, just the right level of poetry in his prose.


Ripping yarn, clever, thought provoking Book three of absopution Revelation Space story puts in a familiar place with our standard cast of characters fleeing the inhibitors and trying to find a solution to the impending annihilation of humankind.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. We get a brand new one and we learn nearly zero about them. View all 3 comments. Chasm City or The Prefect. The “absolution” in the title is also something of a motif, Quaiche’s idea of eeynolds is very costly to those who comes into contact with him, whereas several of the heroes are willing to sacrifice themselves for others, and for their absolution from their past alasatir.

By the end I absolutionn rooting for them to win. Apollo arrive to save the day. By continuing absoltion use this website, you agree to their use.

ABSOLUTION GAP – Alastair Reynolds (2003)

First, some context about the series as a whole, spoiler-hidden for those that want to skip ahead to my thoughts on this particular book. It is not that often for a book to suck me absolutino it so much, driving my whole conscience to the point of developing dominant ideas about it. Want to add to the discussion? I finished a fan. Rashmika and Vasko are two forthright and positively portrayed POV characters; my guess is that the experience of writing about people who aren’t assholes or sociopaths must have felt to Reynolds like having his teeth slowly pulled out.

I started off publishing short stories in the British SF magazine Interzone in the early 90s, then eventually branched into novels. It was a major step down in Redemption Ark but the scope of what was going on made it up for me. I have such a good time just thinking about all of the fun, strange ideas he crams into his books. Green is the future.

While the first book focused on Ultras augmented humans living on trade ships, crusing lonely between the starsand the second book on Conjoiners hyperevolved humans living a hive-like society, not lonely at allthis book has a bit of everything, including surprising roles for the Pattern Jugglers an alien race that looks like sea weed and a pig bred for its organs.


This is a tough review for me. God from the machine. But they didn’t pass the morality test based on morality, it was elementary, dear Watson. She decides that, before she returns to the ship, she will swim with the Pattern Jugglers and warn the people they have assimilated about what is coming.

Read everything this guy has written if you’re into this genre.

Reynolds’ third novel ‘Absolution Gap’ picks up the story of the survivors of ‘Redemption Ark’ not long after their arrival on the planet Ararat. It uses special indoctrinal viruses to maintain religious faith amongst its supporters, although certain areas, such as Rashmika’s town, are exempt. He sends his personal ship down to an uncharted planet, where he finds more than he could have imagined at a price that is beyond imagination as well.

Scorpio turned out to be right; the race – known as the Nestbuilders – that wiped out the Scuttlers had been watching humanity and aided them. On the other hand, if you prefer the military-heavy metal style of much of today’s “hard” science fiction, Reynolds may be all-too-literary for asbolution tastes.

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Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds | : Books

By the time this book came to an end, I had some characters that I already miss and want to read more about. The shadows were not at all expanded upon enough in my opinion, gpa besides a small little hint from Skade there was no real absolutikn that there was another species hiding there. In fact, with each volume to come out, the resolution promised in the first volume increases in distance rather than getting closer.

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