9 results for Books: “ALEXANDRU TICLEA” TRATAT DE DREPTUL MUNCII LEGISLATIE DOCTRINA JURISPRUDENTA EDITIA A X-A ACTUALIZATA. Alexandru Ticlea Tratat De Dreptul Muncii Pdf 19 DOWNLOAD 4bbbd Cartea Tratat de dreptul muncii – Editia a IV-a in varianta pdf si ePUB. 2. 1 Published in Official Gazette no. / 2 Sanda Ghimpu, Alexandru Ticlea, “Dreptul muncii, curs universitar”, Ed. AII Beck, Bucuresti, , pag. 5.

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Start display at page:. Associate Member Senior researcher, chemical engineer, Ph.

codul muncii comendat ticlea

In reality, as alexanndru in legal doctrine 4, all terms even those unnamed have the force of law to the parties, they cannot be modified, usually only by their consent. The employer has the prerogative disciplinary ticllea to apply under the law, disciplinary sanctions whenever its employees find that they have committed a disciplinary offense.

In legal doctrine 15 was formulated and the opposite view, according to which these “objective” means a specific quantity and quality of service tasks. Discussing about “individual performance goals” cannot ignore alexandrh rules work, its standardization, which also is a prerogative of the employer Studies on proliferative diseases in plants considered to be caused by viruses. Membru asociat Profesor universitar dr. Associate Member Colonel rAssoc. In fact, due to the individual employment contract is through its execution.

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If the parties jointly establish individual labor contract content, all in agreement, may agree to amend it at any time, according to art. Membru asociat Comandor, Prof. Performance objective Criteria value In connection with the establishment of individual performance objectives, the legal doctrine formulated the following opinions: Associate Member Professor, engineer, Ph.

Changing individual employment contract unilaterally can occur in cases the employee is passed to another work 7. The possibility of inserting the individual employment contract other terms than those governed by the laws is certain, arising from the principle of freedom of will, a flexible vision on the regulation of labor relations 8. Honorific Member Ambassador, Professor, Ph.


Cum se elaboreaza un proiect european. Membru asociat Dr. Membru asociat Profesor universitar doctor, Craiova. Generalship, psycho-pedagogy, security and national defence; logistics of groups of forces at the beginning of the century and millennium; maintenance of military equipment; preparation and conduct of military actions in the new world geopolitical and geostrategic context.

Associate Member Professor Ph. But in economic terms for failure individual performance objectives, are possible other measures, less drastic, such as exclusion from bonuses, exclusion from promotion, change of place of work or type of work, with the consent of concerned, disciplinary sanctions other than disciplinary dismissal etc. Study of indicators of biodiversity under the influence of phytosanitary treatments in the agro-ecosystem of cereal crops.

A clause has the effect of modifying the individual labor contract is the index that consists of periodic wage increase commitment quarterly, semiannually or at such other time at least inflation index 9. They aim par excellence quality component of work, obtaining superior results Honorific Member Professor Emeritus, Ph.

A General legal issues concerning individual employment contract modification. Kantian philosophy and axiology seminars at the University of Bucharest.


Studii asupra a,exandru proliferative la plante considerate a fi produse de virusuri. Areas of scientific competence: Romanian language and classical languages. The tacit acceptance of the amendment by the employee is excluded individual employment contract, the law establishing the requirement of an addendum. In addition to the provisions of the Labour Code which concern only the obligation of entry of the period of secondment, Government Decision no.

Role of the microbial biofilm in veterinary hygiene. Membru asociat Colonel conf.

Membru asociat Profesor universitar derptul, specialitate: This impossibility is explained by the Labour Code which provides in art. Introductory issues A General legal issues concerning individual employment contract modification Adapting a gainful economic or technological developments may require mincii of the individual employment contract under which the activity is performed, taking into account the intrinsic dynamism of employment.

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See, in this regard, I. Membru asociat Profesor universitar doctor. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Mechanical chemistry of polymers, chemical transformations of natural polymers, polymer composites, hydrogels, polymeric micro — and nanoparticles functionalised, magnetic for biomedical applications, bioactive polymers drugs, enzymes, nutrients immobilised on polymerspolymer-drug conjugated; targeting and controlled release; kinetic studies in vitro and in vivo of drug release.

Individual employment contract is governed, in terms of its effects, and the provisions of principle of art of the Civil Code That valid contract has the force of law between the contracting parties”. Membru onorific Profesor universitar doctor. He organised the first laboratory of electronic microscopy for biology.

Ţiclea, Alexandru

B Individual employment contract modification procedure in the case of muhcii by individual employee performance objectives During the execution of the individual employment contract, amendment of any of its clauses is done usually by agreement, ending an addendum ad validitatem written requirement imposed by changes to art.

Associate Member Professor, agricultural engineer, Ph.

Individual performance objectives cannot be established for all employees, while targeting, in particular, those in leadership positions and those of the executives whose work depends, actually, the quality of products, services, ticlae Subsequently, the employer is entitled to modify these criteria the bylaw according to art.

Associate Member Ph. Membru asociat Colonel, prof. He is considered to be the best expert of the geology of the Apuseni Mountains.