ALTON KAMADON, the founder of “The Melchizedek Method, was a clairvoyant channel and spiritual teacher. He was responsible for grounding upon the Earth. Alton Kamadon’s beloved Melchizedek Method of Healing and Ascension. as an initiation into the Kamadon Order of Mastery and the Kamadon Temple of. However, during the time, after following Alton, and he has said “enjoy the journey”, I am never aware of anything happening. I wonder whether on higher levels.

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It is also necessary to add several new encoded components to ensure a perfect entry and a light pulse vibration as you project through the eternal Eye of God. It treats the elemental bodies, the meridians and chakras, aalton organs, the immune system, the muscular and skeletal systems, activates the pineal and pituitary glands, restructures the DNA, reestablishes your Divine Blueprint and more.

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All will be perfect. Each spoke or arm represents one of the four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water with the central hub or chamber representing the Eternal Spirit and Pillar of Light. A – Remember that each Level of the Melchizedek Method is a progression and an increase in the light quotient that we are able to receive. It helps us to access original thoughtform and emotion from past, present and parents Q – In What is a Meridian?

Is there anything else I can do, or should be doing, to ensure that the benefits from the daily routine mediation are being received? As Alton said you can use the Level One and Two techniques as kamado as you use the Powerball energy fields around your healing or meditation space.

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Beginning firstly with a single Hologram and then into a Triple Hologram in Level One, the teachings progress and evolve to suit our growth as we are evolving continuously. The journey through these levels is one of self discovery, self empowerment and the release of old belief systems and programs that contain you in a limiting space. Get to Aoton Us.

The Official Website of Alton Kamadon’s Melchizedek Method

He was acknowledged with great love and appreciation by Spirit, by Sananda, Enoch and Thoth to name a few, for his journey and his contribution to Mother Earth and humanity. The Flower of Life Merkaba algon a very rigid form that locked into the spine and was actually laton startetrahedron As we have progressed through the various levels the rotations have continued to change direction Many people of the Human Soul group that are in physical do not choose to ascend.

However the next date, Jan 10 was moved to Feb 28 due to the doctor becoming ill and now has been moved once again to Mar 4 because the same doctor has been placed on medical leave kamdaon to illness. It is a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension. Level 3 Latin – Spanish.

Why is this information hidden away in a note? Home Contact the Head Office.

The Melchizedek Method

Q – What is your relationship to Drunvalo? It may be a good suggestion that she really focus on balancing the earth energy A – Please refer to pages 65, 66, It could not cut your aura as it carries the energy of Unconditional Love and therefore there are no negatives attached to it in any way. Q – Is it possible advisable to do the Bi-Location technique, p. A – I believe what you say is true, that we are receiving whatever we need when we make that connection with our Body Elemental, Higher Self and I AM Presence plus guides etc.


Alton Kamadon – IMDb

You receive the Melchizedek Method through a series of mediations that directly connect you with 5th dimensional Ascended Master energies. High to Low Avg. Drinking plenty of water will help but I do think she will need to make a stronger connection to her body elemental and ask kkamadon their assistance in bringing this matter to a resolution.

Levels Three, Four and Five are all quantum leaps in advancement of your journey into full Light Body activation. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products kmaadon a warranty.

A – I feel strongly that you are being given the opportunity to work on your eyes yourself while you wait. What does the word “it” refer to?

It is with great joy that I teach altton healing method to others. I have been working on the fears, etc. As with with all previous Melchizedek Method presentations Level Four presents to you a number of previously untried techniques to activate your light body to a higher octave.