The single best short survey in America, now es a New Preface and AfterwardIn terms of accessibility and comprehensive coverage, Kolchin’s. Peter Kolchin’s American Slavery, first published in in the widely acclaimed American Century Series edited by Eric Foner, is a useful and mas terly survey. peter kolchin’s american slavery: chapters and the economies of the british colonies that would eventually become the united states were not.

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American slavery, Kolchin explains, didn’t develop in isolation but evolved as part of a trend toward forced labor in the New World colonies, especially in the Caribbean and Brazil. No trivia or quizzes yet. I read the book because I took a class in a life long learning institute. He continually includes asides that discuss historiographical trends and debates that have occurred in the field, pointing to key historians and works for the various positions before adding his own voice.

This novel gives great facts about kolchih hard times that African Americans faced on an everyday basis.

American Slavery: – Peter Kolchin – Google Books

Jan 13, Jenny rated it really liked it. Still a very good book. Dec 17, Sophi Link rated it liked it. To give an example, I noticed this while he was talking about the planters’ “resident mentality”.

Kolchin takes care to destroy many misconceptions about slavery. Kolchin does a great job of surveying the landscape and condensing a massive body of information into a very readable he’s a very good writer yet complete book. Published September 1st by Hill and Wang first published The Revolutionary era saw slavery threatened by Enlightenment ideology, but the institution survived more strongly than ever in the South and, during the 19th century, came to be perceived as fundamental to the Southern economy and way of life.


Peter Kolchin – Wikipedia

Slavery is something no individual should have to face at any time of their life. Apr 04, Haley rated it it was amazing.

Be the first to discover new talent! Want to Read saving…. View all 3 comments. Kolchin carefully dissects the term “paternalism”, seeking to separate confusion the concept has created.

Dlavery, slavery was abolished in Brazil in Kolchin’s style kllchin not particularly gripping but it was well-written and the book short enough and concise enough to keep my interest throughout. I know a lot about slavery now, but not necessarily how my new knowledge makes me feel about it.

The typical owner knew their slave’s name and took a deep personal interest in their lives, however Kolchin emphasizes that this interest was heavily based on reduced slave imports from Africa.

American Slavery, 1619-1877

Jan 07, Melissa added it Shelves: The same year the Football Association was founded. I don’t mind when an author keeps reiterating their main idea and tying aamerican into each new section actually I think that’s good writingbut Kolchin will re-state something he just talked about a couple of pages ago like it’s new, and it makes the kolxhin disjointed, like he sat down and wrote each section without reference to the last.

By the antebellum period, Kolchin presents a culture that is almost paranoid. Kolchin presents a complex picture of slavery as it evolves and changes over time. As slavery became increasingly important to the southern economy and way of life, southerners became more defensive of it.


Peter Kolchin

This resulted in an intense relationship between slaves and slave owners and a rather distinctive slave society that was economically dependent on slavery, even though only a small number of whites directly benefited from the arrangement. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads slacery. The antebellum period is the book’s main focus, examining slavery from a number of angles. May 18, Joseph rated it really liked it Shelves: Jun 10, Walter rated it it was amazing. Kolchin covers this complex topic in vivid yet concise detail over 3 centuries.

The author mentions the growth of slavery, not just by quoting information, but by providing real conditions the slaves were put through, through the experiences kolhin difficult times the slaves had to slwvery.

American Slavery, by Peter Kolchin is a comprehensive history of slavery and importantly addresses the way the nation supportive an infrastructure for exploiting people. There is also a chapter that discusses slavery from the white southerners perspective during those years after the Civil War.

This is an amazing synthesis of other works on slavery in America, and the best, most accessible one-volume treatment of the subject.