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There were definitely a lot of contradictions with her personality. I didn’t like them very much if I’m honest. It’s not a fav LK book of mine but I still enjoyed it.

Love, Come to Me by Lisa Kleypas

They have a tempestuous relationship complicated by previous loves in their former lives. Belom lagi waktu si Raine gak mau di usir after kejadian waktu itu, yg bikin Heath pusing dan memutuskan bicara dengan Raine secara pribadi atas permintaan Raine Thanks for telling us about a,or problem.

I wanted to know more about him, and it is a shame there is no sequel featuring him. Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world. He said all the right things at all the right kleyps and I sighed and clutched this book to my chest so many times I lost count. I can’t say that I was emotionally invested with the main characters too busy wondering what was going on and where it as leading and while the historical setting had possibilities and hints of possibilities, it wasn’t really utilized to best possible effect and never really went anywhere.


I think this is one of Lisa Kleypas’s earliest books – you can definitely tell it was written much earlier in her career because although it is enjoyable, it isn’t as masterful as her more recent work.

I liked the fact that Heath encourages her intellectually. To ask other readers questions about Love, Come to Meplease sign up.

Heath is rather dashing himself and definitely swoon worthy.

Pindah ke Boston,mulailah kleypa mereka seperti rainbow cake yg warna warni itu He saw something in her, a potential for the woman she would become, and he went after it with a vengeance. The title sucks, too.

I adore K One of Kleypas’s very first books. Yes, her early books were much more innocent back then but you could still see the promise, passion, and historically well researched work she was able to produce even then.

I’m really glad I borrowed this one and didn’t pay the going OOP price for it. And then he turned out to be a hateful idiot. He just completely lost me and baffled me with how heavy handed he acted. I was also a little upset with how immature and spoiled Lucy was in the beginning, but I realize it was necessary to see her growth.

A hodgepodge, so to speak. The story is very heavily character-driven with very little plot. This was her first book and it shows.

That’s what the author is saying. He treated Lucy like a toddler and it annoyed me for how long it finally took her to realize that.

Amor, Ven a Mi / Love, Come to Me

The plot was overall not very sophisticated but I liked the way it unravelled and how it helped build the aa and their relationships.


I love learning things about history from my novels, but I thought it was a little too scholarly and heavy-handed here. Not funny, not charming, not rollicking escapism. It would get tiring having men think that women don’t think and they are only there to please them. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. He was made only as a foil for Heath, so we could see how awesome he is. I could not decide more who to hate,Heath who rapes his wife!

Amor, Ven a Mi / Love, Come to Me : Lisa Kleypas :

Damon was a wonderful character, nuanced in a way neither Lucinda or Heath were. Even when she does stupid things or should make me want to slap her I still liked her.

I normally love anything by Lisa Kleypas – and many of my favorite tropes were in this story – self-made man, love at first sight, protective hero – but still, there was something missing. Mar 19, JennyG rated it it was ok Shelves: As I said, I didn’t totally hate it, and had I read it in my early teens when I started reading romance, I might have even strongly liked it.

I didn’t totally hate hate hate it, but it lacked the characteristic Lisa Kleypas oomph I’m accustomed to. Ding ding ding ding ding!