How To Make a Wi-Fi Antenna Out Of a Pringles Can . DIY super awesome outdoor wifi antenna Antena Wifi, Diy Electronics, Electronics Projects, Satellite. Build a WiFi Antenna out of a Pringles can Antena Wifi, Pringles Can, Wifi This is my nerd School project (turning a Pringles can into a long range wifi antenna. b Homebrew WiFi Antenna Shootout. I’ve been networks with ( WiFi). One of the first things that got me excited was the Pringles Can Antenna.

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802.11b Homebrew WiFi Antenna Shootout

Both did no better than the Lucent omnidirectional. They can also be very useful to people who rely on public internet access. Also, there are conflicting opinions as to whether the Yagi collector design is any more effective than a well proportioned waveguide design.

The math qifi computing correct sizing of the components in a waveguideWiFi antenna is simple.

A more efficient cantenna can be made by minimising this length or connecting the cantenna directly to the Wi-Fi circuitry. Rob used a large, 39oz. Oddly, the more I studied, the less I understood.

Pringles Can Antenna Turns 10

To see if Pringels could improve upon the design, I built mine with corrected spacing. Back up the thin metal with a wood scrap and drill a starter hole xntena regular drill bit, then insert the Unibit and simply work down the “steps” until you have the appropriate diameter required.

Many people use them to extend their Wi-Fi signal to a hard to reach part of the home, or even extend their Wi-Fi to the bottom of the garden. Published on the internet and in a fine book by Rob Flickengerthe net admin for O’Reillythis design for a do-it-yourself, VERY inexpensive antenna made from a recycled junkfood container is as cool as the other side of the pillow.


A commercial Lucent “range extender” omni directional A buddy’s Flickenger-design Pringles can Yagi My modified design Pringles can A Flickenger design coffee can waveguide A coffee can waveguide with corrected radiator placement A Hunts Greg’s obsession de’ jour In my efforts to add the words “wireless savvy” to my network admin resume, I’ve been reading books and web pages on radio propagation, antenna theory and design, and building wireless networks with Why would you want to make something like this?

Cantenna – Wikipedia

The waveguides ptingles soundly trounced the Pringles can designs. If you can eat a big can of stew, you can make a high performance antenna.

The contestants were click on each for design specifications. It is also worth noting that this measurement is pringlez be taken from the base of the can, not the ridge around the bottom. This could be because neither Rob’s nor my designs are anywhere near right for optimum performance for a Yagi. For it to be effective it would have to be well over a meter long. Where possible, a clear line of sight is best, though I found there to be a significant signal boost even pointing it through the thick walls of the old apartment building I live in.

It seems that everyone is building and using these. Attach the other end of the pigtail to the protruding N type connector. We will be attaching this probe to the female N type connector using our soldering iron. Have you come up with your own crazy designs for boosting your Wi-Fi signals? Look out for cans with a 92mm diameter that are around mm in length, though you may find something exactly of that size hard to find! The food can came up to almost perfect dimensions, though the edges are ridged, which will impact pringlee performance.


In the yagis, it didn’t matter much.

I would advise cutting a slightly large piece of wire to begin with, and soldering it into place inside the brass socket on the top of the connector. Neither of these methods are ideal, and I would recommend using a stepping drill bit to make this part easier. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Even a millimeter off here and your Cantenna may not work as well as it could!

If you need to extend the distance between your computer and the cantenna, I would recommend using a USB extension cable.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A friend of mine built his before me and looking at his finished antenna got me excited to understand the theory of how it works.

Be careful whilst doing this! Cantennas can be used to increase cell phone range, [5] improve reception, and decrease noise.

Pringles Can Antenna Turns 10 | Make:

Every three dB is a doubling in power – that’s three doublings 8x increase! I’ve decided that Yagi design is not for the timid or non-radio-expert. For the antennas I was building, I was using different measurements based on the antenna design material I had been reading.

The resulting setup is a low-cost high-quality high-gain antenna. Cantennas are typically used to increase the range or discovery of Wi-Fi networks. You should now be able to fit the connector, by pushing it through and attaching the nut from the inside. For the battle, see Battle of Cantenna. Now I’m a late entry into this wireless stuff and the experts are going a different way than me.