In dit tweede artikel verschaft Anton Heersema 4 cruciale tips over relatieproblemen oplossen. Dit is een vervolg op. Dorothea Heersema; Bert Kornips; Angelique Schyns-Soeterboek; Leo H. Visser; Paul Schiphof; Anton Valkenburg; Johan Hiel; FOCUS Extension Study Grp. (Halbhuibar, Anton Alfred1 ; Germany ; Motor. Mechanic ; 1’27 iCamberwell ‘ S.W 2nd November Heersema, Pieter Hendrifc ; (Netherlands ; Marine.

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Indeed, depressed individuals were more likely to fail to complete at least one item correctly.

Nonverbal behavior during clinical interviews: Psychometric properties of the item geriatric depression scale in functionally impaired, cognitively intact, community-dwelling elderly primary care patients. As anxiety typically precedes depression in older adults, 42 — 44 as well as in younger adults, a thorough examination of the comorbidity of anxiety and depression and the consequences of that comorbidity is warranted. A short depression index for women. Hyer L, Blount J. A comprehensive psychopathological rating scale.

Results highlighted that in cognitively intact or mildly impaired patients over 65 years, the Geriatric Depression Scale and the Geriatric Depression Scale currently seem to be the preferred instruments.

Beck AT, Beamesderfer A. Cross-national variation in the gender gap in depression. Quality adjusted life years in older adults with depressive symptoms and chronic medical disorders.


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Validation of the Geriatric Heersma Scale among nursing home residents. Of note, Radloff and Teri highlighted that, while mean scores for males consistently increased with age, mean scores for females were highest in the 55—59 and 75 and older groups and lowest for the 60—75 years old.

Chokkanathan S, Mohanty J. Editor who approved publication: In normative sample internal consistency coefficient alpha estimates were found to be 0. American Psychiatric Press; Watson D, Clark LA.

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Manual Psychological Corporation; According to recent reviews and surveys, rates of major depression increase in adults over 80 years of age. Factor-analytic studies of the GDS most frequently identified a two-factor solution was most frequently identified. A global measure of perceived stress. Concurrent and discriminant validities of the Geriatric Depression Scale with older psychiatric inpatients. Non-commercial uses of the work are permitted without any further permission from Dove Medical Press Limited, provided the work is properly attributed.

Comorbidity anon risk-patterns of depression, generalised anxiety disorder and mixed anxiety-depression in later life: Moreover, due to its brevity, it can be easily added to an assessment. Himmelfarb S, Murrell SA. Annton of the included measures is considered according to its psychometric properties.

[Full text] Assessment of late-life depression via self-report measures: a review | CIA

Medical illness and the risk of suicide in the elderly. Psychol Res Behav Manag. Scott J, Huskisson EC. The SDS takes approximately 5—10 minutes to complete.


Prevalence of bipolar II disorder in outpatient depression: Is the Geriatric Depression Scaleand 8-item versions useful for both purposes in nursing home patients? Here, several measurement issues related to assessment of depression have been examined in the Introduction.

Assessment of a brief CES-D measure for depression in homebound medically ill older adults. Most importantly, this review may be a valuable resource for practicing clinicians and researchers who wish to develop state-of-the-science assessment strategies for clinical problems and make informed choices about which instruments best suit their purposes in older populations.

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The Depression Symptom Checklist. Development and validation of brief measures of positive and negative affect: The construct validity of the BDI-II was mainly supported by its significant relationships with its predecessor and with other measures of depression.

Development and validation of a geriatric depression screening scale: The GDS appears to be a useful screening instrument for depression in geriatric populations.

This literature review includes the self-report depression measures commonly and currently used in geropsychological practice. J Health Soc Behav.